No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2588

“Let me say this again. Don’t try to attempt any petty schemes. If I find out, you won’t be let off so easily.”

Jackie could hear what Elder Eliot meant by those words. It seemed like he was worried that some people would act wantonly in the absence of supervision.

His next words proved Jackie’s thoughts as he continued, “If anyone dies, the identification badge will notify me. I’ll be able to immediately determine where everyone is.

“Anyone who appears close to the dead person will be immediately investigated by me. No one will be able to escape! All of you are no stranger to my temper. I’d rather kill the wrong person than let that person go, so don’t you dare do anything of the psort!”

Even though alchemists were not as intense as martial artists since everyone had their focus on refining pills, their relationships with one another were not so harmonious.

Everyone had their own little thoughts. Some grudges between them were already at irreconcilable levels. Holy Cloud Mountain was massive and far away. The moment they enter, they would all be essentially unsupervised.

They could do whatever they wanted there. Phoenix Valley’s higher-ups must have figured out such a method to prevent any loss of an alchemist’s life due to grudges. The identification badges would be able to determine their positions and whether or not they were alive.

Rudy whispered into Jackie’s ear, “That’s a good method, but I’m still worried that those two will cause us trouble after going in there.”

That made Jackie frown speechlessly before

he asked, “Shouldn’t we be happy if the two of them come over to try and cause us trouble?”

Rudy immediately reacted when Jackie said that. Probably because of how long had passed, he had forgotten how strong the person next to him was.

Rudy could not hold himself back with that thought in mind as he let out a laugh. It immediately attracted the attention of everyone around them. Harold and Johnson looked over as well, which immediately caused Rudy to shut his mouth in fear. He no longer dared to be so excited.

After Elder Eliot read out all the rules, he started to arrange for everyone to get on the array. Jackie and Rudy were the third batch to get onto the array. Based on how long the transfer took, Jackie determined that Holy Cloud Mountain was definitely quite far away from Phoenix Valley.

It was a long-range transfer. If anything

unexpected happened and he needed to leave Phoenix Valley immediately, Holy Cloud Mountain would be a very good place to retreat to.

It was an incredibly wet forest. When they arrived at the place, a wave of humidity hit everyone. The humidity had an amount of heat to it and it assaulted their bodies. It made Jackie feel incredibly uncomfortable.

After getting off the array, everyone had sour looks on their faces. It was not the first time some of them were there, but they still felt incredibly uncomfortable.

Rudy frowned and cursed, “This place is so humid and wet. It feels like I just got thrown into a muddy river.”

Jackie nodded before he turned to look at the Holy Cloud Mountain, not saying anything.

“Let me follow you!” Rudy said from


Jackie raised an eyebrow and nodded. With Jackie’s personality, he would have preferred to be on his own, but Rudy would definitely not allow him to do so as he was incredibly afraid of dying at that moment.


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