No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2587

After he said that, Johnson sighed helplessly. He had an incredibly worried expression on his face. Harold frowned as he looked at Johnson’s expression. He got even angrier as he turned around and stared at Johnson coldly.

“Seriously, is there something wrong with your brain? What kind of amazing enemy do you think Jackie is? Do you think an inner disciple wouldn’t be able to handle him?”

Johnson hurriedly shook his head as he said, “I don’t mean it that way! It’s just that the two of us are done for if this is exposed.

“That’s why I wanted to look for someone who can take care of Jackie properly. I want him to die before he can even react!”

Harold rolled his eyes and replied, “Michael is in the top fifty of the inner disciples. An

innate stage alchemist couldn’t possibly cause him any trouble.

“Don’t worry, there won’t be any problems, and he won’t betray us. After all, if this matter is exposed, he would meet the same end like us.”

Johnson took a deep breath and replied, “I hope there won’t be any accidents.”

The two of them discussed between one another as Elder Eliot finally walked over from the Elder Hall. Elder Eliot’s face was red as he slowly walked down the steps.

He had an incredibly pleased expression as if something good had happened. When everyone saw how happy Elder Eliot was, they could not help but look at him with a curious gaze.

After Elder Eliot got off the stairs, he cleared his throat, “The time I set for everyone is now. Those who aren’t here will be disqualified. There’s no need to say anything else, come with me!”

After that, Elder Eliot turned around decisively. No one dared to utter another word at that moment as they all followed behind Elder Eliot. In just a moment, he arrived in front of a large seal array.

The array was the largest teleportation array Jackie had ever seen before. It was the size of half a basketball court back in Daxia. Even over a dozen people would not feel crowded standing there.

The array was filled with various seals that were glowing in different colors. There were many spirit crystals of various sizes on it. Elder Eliot pointed his finger at it and said, “This array can send twenty people in one go. All of you line up and don’t crowd around. You’ll all be sent to Holy Cloud Mountain. Let me explain some things in advance. The identification badges in your hands will be navigation badges in Holy Cloud Mountain.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he took out his identification badge. Elder Eliot paused for

a moment before saying, “After you are sent to Holy Cloud Mountain, you will have three days. You’re allowed to do anything you want in Holy Cloud Mountain for three days. No matter what you get, it will belong to you, but don’t try any petty movements.

As he said that, Elder Eliot had a very stern tone. After that, his sharp gaze swept over everyone present before he said, “In order to stop you from losing your way, your identification badges have been specially modified. The moment the time is up, the identification badge will glow red. You just need to follow its instructions to return to the array.


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