No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2586

Harold’s eyebrow twitched as he looked at Johnson unhappily, and said, “Who do you think that guy is? Don’t you know how strong an inner disciple is?

“We’re just dealing with Jackie. Using a chosen disciple would be going way overboard. If we really did that, it would just be us regarding him too highly!”

Johnson’s lips twitched helplessly as he nodded at Harold’s words. However, Johnson was a hundred percent certain with everything.

He took a deep breath as he explained, “I know what you’re thinking. Getting an inner disciple would normally be more than enough to deal with Jackie.

“After all, Jackie’s just an alchemist, so there’s no way he’ll be stronger than an inner disciple. However, no matter what, we’re taking a great risk this time. If this matter leaked out, we both know how heavily we would be punished.

“We would be doomed if that happened. We should be more careful just in case anything happens. Even if we have to spend a bit more money to get a chosen disciple, it would assure us that nothing would happen to us. It’s not because we’re overestimating him.”

Harold frowned and said as he looked even unhappier, “Why are you always so soft with whatever you do? That brat is at the middle stage of the innate level at most.

“An inner disciple will at least already be at the spring solidifying realm. Do you know how big the difference between the innate realm and the spring solidifying realm is? Spring solidifying realm experts can kill an innate realm fighter with a mere pinch.

“Jackie’s only at the early stage of the innate realm, or maybe the middle stage at most. With that level, he wouldn’t be able to do

anything in front of a spring solidifying realm expert. He would be able to kill Jackie easily. Why would we need a chosen disciple that’s even stronger? I really feel like you’re getting dumber and dumber lately.”

Johnson helplessly sighed again. He did not mean it that way, but there were some things that people would not understand even if he explained them. However, Johnson had always been incredibly careful. If they failed, it would not end well for both of them.

It was something that would tie into their future. Johnson could not help but reach out and grab Harold’s arm as he said in an incredibly earnest tone, “I feel like we should get two, or at least one chosen disciple. We would be more secure then.”

Harold rolled his eyes as he slapped Johnson’s arm and replied, “Is there really something wrong with your head? Things are already at this stage, why would you want me to change my mind?

“Why didn’t you tell me this a few days ago? We’ve already confirmed the person and he’s already been sent over…”

Johnson’s face darkened as he said, “He’s already been sent over? How did this happen so fast? I thought that he would only go after we’ve already gone over… I mentioned it too late, but that’s because you just told me everything just now.” Harold’s mouth stiffened as he realized it. He had been fervently arranging the matter the past few days, and Johnson had been busy refining pills. The two of them had not had any time to meet.

He had only told Johnson about the matter in the morning. He had forgotten to mention it as he was in a hurry.

Harold explained helplessly, “Of course, we should send him in first. Elder Eliot will definitely be waiting next to the transfer array after we head over. If he tried to

transfer over after that, wouldn’t we be exposed? Do you think I’d be so dumb?”

Johnson slapped his forehead and replied, “That’s true. It’s my fault for not thinking it through. It seems like I really did speak up too late.


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