No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2585

“Those two guys have been looking at you the whole time, and I felt something was off from the start. When we first came over, he was only stealing glances at you, but now he’s staring at you really obviously.”

Surprised by this, Jackie turned to look at Rudy, who lightly coughed as he tilted his head to the side. Jackie thus averted his gaze and saw two familiar faces staring at him.

Harold and Johnson were staring at Jackie with widened eyes. Various emotions could be seen on their faces as they looked over at Jackie and Rudy. When Jackie looked over, the two of them averted their gazes at the same time, turning around as if nothing was happening.

Jackie frowned. He had been busy with other things as of late, while Harold and Johnson had both kept quiet and not caused him any trouble, so he had almost forgotten about what had happened between the two of them.

However, it seemed like he had thought too kindly of these two; Harold and Johnson probably did not have the right opportunity to cause him trouble. The hatred that practically burned in their eyes toward him was unmistakable, and Jackie could see it.

Rudy furrowed his eyebrows. “It looks like they’re going to cause you trouble, but I just don’t know how and what. I had thought that things would be peaceful after you slapped the two of them in the face with your skills.”

Jackie sighed lightly, “I did, too.”

After that, Jackie continued with a cold smile, “I thought of them too lightly. I thought that my display of skills had zipped them up entirely, but that seemed to be in vain after all.”

Rudy looked at Jackie with slight worry. “Will they pull a low blow? Should we prepare something? Maybe we should counterattack first?”

Jackie shook his head as he said calmly, “It’s pointless to do all of that; we just need to respond to anything that happens. Even if they want to cause me trouble, it’ll depend on if they have the skills to do so.”

Rudy nodded. He was quite confident in Jackie, but the moment he thought about Harold and Johnson’s gaze from earlier, Rudy felt incredibly uncomfortable.

Grayson’s riddle had already frustrated him enough, and with Harold and Johnson added into the mix, Rudy felt like Phoenix Valley was a vortex of trouble. He wanted nothing more than to leave.

“I think you can’t let them do as they please. I say you give them a lifelong lesson they won’t soon forget, and only then will they know you’re no pushover,” persisted Rudy as he rubbed his chin.

Jackie nodded. Jackie might think that Rudy was incredibly foolish when it came to other matters, but Rudy was spot on on this one. He could not show too much leniency to people like Harold or Johnson.

Only by showing them true fear would he be saved from trouble in the future.

With that in mind, Jackie started to think about how he would deal with both Harold and Johnson.

After Johnson and Harold averted their gazes, the two of them started to whisper to each other.

“Harold, do you think that person is reliable?” fretted Johnson. “An inner disciple might be strong, but he’s still an inner disciple in the end.

“Why don’t we spend a bit more money for a chosen disciple? That would guarantee

our success!”


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