No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2584

Rudy started to get frustrated as his face reddened. “What do you think the higher-ups are thinking? I refuse to believe they don’t know anything about these thieves operating right under them. We’re being bullied here! Can’t they stand up and say a thing or two or even take care of matters for us?”

Jackie looked at Rudy helplessly. Not wanting to have his ears filled with his complaints, he answered, “Can you just think about it? You’re asking why they aren’t caring about anything, but don’t you realize that the more they allow the infighting to continue, the more people would try to fight for themselves?

“Phoenix Valley gives every alchemist their own chances, but the reason they do that is to find more talented and stronger alchemists.

“They let the alchemists do what they want because they want to stir up the competitive spirits of regular alchemists. They want the alchemists to be frustrated so they’ll put all their focus into alchemy. They want the alchemists to constantly want to improve so they’ll get more higher-level alchemists. This will benefit Phoenix Valley even more, hence why they let such rivalries and conflicts persist.”

Hearing Jackie’s explanation, Rudy could only nod. Jackie made sense when he said that Phoenix Valley allowed those habits to cultivate even more alchemists.

They would not care if it was fair or not, because the world practiced the survival of the fittest only. There was no such thing as fairness.

The two that were standing in front of Jackie and Rudy got more and more excited as they discussed. They talked about various pills to the materials that they needed, and all the while, Jackie listened to the important points.

“It’s been raining constantly the past few months, so the Flame Roots must’ve already matured. As long as we look around at the wetter areas, we should be able to pick up quite a few Flame Roots.”

“Flame Roots are amazing things, and a mature Flame Root is incredibly valuable. There was a five-hundred-year Flame Root a few days ago sold for two thousand spirit crystals!”

The moment he heard that, the other guy’s eyes widened. “Two thousand? Why has the price soared by so much? I saw someone selling Flame Roots before. A five a hundred-year-old flame root is already one of the best, but it was only worth a thousand and five hundred. How could it go up by so much?!”

“How could you ask that question? Haven’t you heard about what happened before?” The moment the person finished, it was not

just the guy next to him to widen his eyes. Jackie and Rudy could not help but perk up their ears to listen to the explanation.

Unfortunately, the person suddenly pushed his voice down to a whisper, unwilling to let anyone else hear it. Jackie concentrated to listen in though only able to catch only a few words.

The other person said, “They’re already fighting outside. I don’t know when they’ll stop.”

That was massive news. Even though he could not get the details, Jackie could see how important the problem was. Ever since they entered Phoenix Valley, they had been completely separated from the outside world.

Jackie did not know what was happening in Middle Province. Even though Jackie was not tied that closely to the place, he felt like he would be in danger if he did not figure it out, especially after the ambush and Grayson’s disappearance,

Jackie took a deep breath, wondering if he should go to the individuals and inquire more about the situation. After all, the situation was already at that level, so it should not be a big issue for him to ask about it.

Just as he was preparing to ask the questions, Rudy suddenly whispered something to Jackie.


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