No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2582

Jackie irritatedly raised an eyebrow at Rudy’s questions, the same ones that had floated in his mind for a long time. He concluded that he would not be able to get a clear answer to Grayson’s situation, so he threw the thought to the back of his mind for the moment.

There was no evidence, and they had no way of getting any evidence. There was no way to figure out the truth, so anything they tried to figure things out would only be speculation.

Since there was no way to gain anything, it was better to not let it disrupt his mood. With that thought in mind, Jackie decided to stop thinking about it.

True to his word, Rudy remained internally frantic, a great contrast to Jackie. Grayson’s disappearance had loomed over him like a ghost, and the more he tried to figure out

what had happened to him, the less he understood. He did everything he could to find the answers, but what greeted him were more and more riddles.

Jackie stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Rudy seriously. “You won’t be able to figure this out, so it’ll be in your best interest to just stop troubling yourself over it now. All you need to know is that you won’t be in danger for the moment.”

Rudy’s lips twitched, wanting to say something else but swallowing his words after some thought.

The two of them continued on their walk before eventually, they reached the square in front of the Elder Hall where about 80 to 90 people were already there, either chatting among their own groups about the trip or resting.

They talked about what sort of materials they would be able to obtain on the Holy Cloud Mountain, and how many spirit

crystals they would be able to get from it.

To keep the alchemists happy, Phoenix Valley would occasionally give them some benefits. Sometimes, they would allow all the alchemists in the outer valley of Phoenix Valley to head to Holy Soul Mountain to pick medicines, and anything the alchemists picked up would be for the alchemists themselves to take.

Other than that, they would also invite high-level alchemists to answer any questions from the alchemists in Phoenix Valley. They could also use their results to redeem free materials for practice.

Jackie felt like all the benefits Phoenix Valley gave were very deliberate. Anything that was free or not were all given after very careful consideration.

They would not provide free materials for all the alchemists because they would not be able to make ends meet if they did.

After all, there were too many alchemists. They needed a lot of practice, and they would use up a lot of materials if the materials were just given for free. Their spirit crystals would rapidly plummet.

People often did not appreciate things that were free as well. If they used their own money for materials, they would be more careful when they were practicing and try to waste as little as possible. They would probably appreciate less if Phoenix Valley provided everything for free.

Rudy started to get excited while Jackie was thinking about everything. He looked around before he said, “I thought that Phoenix Valley would keep on pushing us, though. I never expected benefits like this. I might be able to get something amazing in Holy Cloud Mountain!”

The thought of finally showing up and showing off on Holy Cloud Mountain. inspirited Rudy, and he could barely contain his excitement. Jackie, on the other hand,nodded with a smile, not saying anything. He could already tell the Holy Cloud Mountain was a place to be.


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