No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2581

“You’re finally back! If Lou hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known where you went!” exclaimed Rudy emotionally.

Jackie helplessly pursed his lips. Ever since what happened to Grayson, Rudy had basically become a lost puppy that always seemed to want to go wherever Jackie went.

Jackie did not want that at all.

Jackie frowned and said, “I have my own plans on where I want to go. Why are you here? Did something happen?”

Rudy nodded. After taking a few deep breaths, he composed himself before he said, “If you weren’t back now, I would’ve gone to look for you. We’ll be going to Holy Cloud Mountain this evening.”

Jackie was stunned for a moment after hearing that. He did not know how to react

for a moment. Where was this Holy Cloud Mountain?

Just by glancing at Jackie, he knew that Jackie had definitely forgotten about it.

He pursed his lips in exasperation. “How could you forget? Elder Eliot announced three days ago that all the alchemists would be transferred to the Holy Cloud Mountain to pick up medicinal materials, didn’t he?”

With Rudy’s words, Jackie finally recalled what had happened three days ago. Elder Eliot had summoned all the alchemists to the Elder Hall for a meeting, announcing that they would head to the Holy Cloud Mountain in three days.

The Holy Cloud Mountain was an incredibly important place to Phoenix Valley. There were no violent fiends there, and medicinal materials were plentiful. Every once in a while, Phoenix Valley would gather all the alchemists there to collect materials.

It was something of an added benefit to alchemists because the materials gathered there would all belong to the alchemists themselves.

Nonetheless, Holy Cloud Mountain was incredibly large. It was up to themselves if they could find anything valuable.

He still remembered how excited all the alchemists were when Elder Eliot announced this. Everyone felt like they would surely be able to get something incredibly valuable on Holy Cloud Mountain.

Jackie nodded as he gratefully responded, “Thankfully, I came in time. I really forgot about it.”

Rudy pursed his lips in exasperation as he pointed at the Elder Hall. “Let’s hurry up. We’ll probably have to gather soon.”

Jackie nodded as he headed toward the Elder Hall.

Rudy had a dark look on his face, and it was obvious how worried he was. Noticing this expression, Jackie asked Rudy, “Why are you so worried? Didn’t we talk about it before? Even though we don’t know how Grayson is right now, we should be safe for the time being. Don’t think too much about it. As long as we don’t do anything too overboard, they shouldn’t cause us any trouble.”

Rudy could only muster a wane smile at Jackie’s words as he then turned to look at Jackie in admiration. “I’m a narrow-minded person, unlike you. This has always been bugging me. I can’t even breathe, what with the thought weighing me down like a massive rock. It’s even been keeping me up at night.

“I can’t figure out why Grayson is the only one who disappeared after what all the three of us experienced. What did he do that we don’t know about? What made him get taken away?”


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