No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2580

After all its powers had been absorbed, the soul crystal lost all its support and fell apart like a rock by the road, crumbling into dust in Jackie’s palm.

Jackie let out a deep sigh before he opened his eyes and looked down at the powdered soul crystal. An elated expression overtook his expression as he noted the 70 Soul Swords he had successfully condensed.

So long as he toiled, condensing 100 Soul Swords was only a matter of time. As long as he managed that, he would have officially mastered Destroying the Void.

Only then would Destroying the Void show its true power, and he truly wanted to see what an upper ultimate god rank technique could actually do!

“Congratulations, you’ve improved,” came the white-haired man’s voice.

Jackie raised an eyebrow. He had thought. that the man would have left as he was absorbing the soul crystal. He was shocked to notice that, when he looked up, not a single person had left other than Alex.

Everyone had been observing him and wide-eyed at that, as though they were staring at a rare creature.

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly. Did they have to stare at him so oddly like that?

The white-haired man took a deep breath before he summoned his courage. “What level is that technique of yours? Why can’t I see through it at all? I feel like the energy fluctuations aren’t that big.

“You used this technique to shatter the outer shell of the soul crystal earlier. It was incredibly strong, but why are the energy fluctuations so mellowed? I really don’t understand.”

Ultimate god level techniques all shared that unique trait. The calmer their energy

fluctuation, the more powerful they were. Of course, Jackie was not about to explain all of that; no one would believe it if he did.

Ultimate god level techniques were not something just anyone could learn. Unless Jackie was already at the divine solidifying realm, no one would believe him at all. Since that was the case, he could not be bothered explaining.

He sighed. “The technique I have is unique in this way. You can stop speculating about it.”

Jackie then stood up from the mat and looked over at the soul crystals that were still dancing around in the Grotto. He promised himself that he would get the biggest one in a month’s time.

When the white-haired man noticed that Jackie was about to leave, he immediately stood up. He could have left Soul Grotto long ago, but he intentionally waited longer due to the questions that plagued him greatly. He wanted to wait for Jackie to finish his training before asking about everything.

He never expected that Jackie would not be bothered to explain at all.

The white-haired man chased after Jackie. “Surely your technique isn’t an upper earth rank technique?”

Jackie sported a small smile when he heard that but did not answer the white-haired man, merely continuing to walk forward. The moment he walked out of the transfer array to where the alchemists were, he immediately noticed Rudy right beside the array.

Jackie frowned. Whenever he saw Rudy, he would think of Grayson, and those chaotic thoughts would immediately surface in his mind. He did not know what Grayson’s situation was at that moment nor did he know why they took Grayson.

When Rudy saw the transfer array lighting

up, he widened his eyes. He excitedly looked at the transfer array, and when Jackie’s figure appeared, he rushed right over.


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