No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2579

Jackie raised an eyebrow at Alex. “Are you deaf? Did you not hear what I said to you? What does who I am have to do with you?”

Alex’s eyes reddened as Jackie’s words assailed his ears. With that, he marched toward Jackie and walked right up to him.

That stance made the white-haired man step back in fright. He was afraid that Alex would not be able to hold back from attacking Jackie right then and there, and he did not want to be involved whatsoever.

Thankfully, Alex’s last shred of reason managed to stop him from doing that. He merely looked at Jackie with a look that showed just how unhinged he was, like he nearly broke mentally. He looked like he wanted nothing more than to see past Jackie’s skin and into his inner thoughts.

Jackie, on the other hand, stood perfectly still with a frown on his face. He watched as Alex stormed right before him and quietly anticipated his next move.

What shocked Jackie was the fact that Alex actually turned and headed out of the cave after a while. Jackie stared as Alex’s figure faded from view.

Alex seemed like he had gone crazy. Alex looked like he had made up his mind right before he turned and walked away.

“That terrified me,” spoke the whitehaired man, sounding evidently nervous. “I thought Alex would just come up and beat you without regard to the punishment!”

Jackie frowned. His mind paused at the image of how resolved Alex had looked right before he stopped. That guy had clearly made up his mind about something, and Jackie just did not know what it was.

He let out a sigh before he said, “Things would be much easier if he had just attacked me. It would’ve proven that he’s just a mindless idiot. The fact that he managed to hold back means he’s still somewhat intelligent.”

The ones on the mats exchanged looks with each other. They had witnessed everything that happened, and from their expressions, everyone had also realized that Alex turning around like that was not because Alex had no answer to everything and left in defeat.

Alex must have had a plan.

Jackie raised an eyebrow before he wiped away all these irrelevant thoughts. All he wanted to do was to absorb the soul crystal and increase his strength, and only by becoming stronger would things be easier for him.

He would not have to worry about being stopped by others.

Jackie shut his eyes before he placed his

hand on the soul crystal. A suction power came from his hand as the power of the soul crystal started to surge into Jackie’s body.

A surge of pure soul energy spread across Jackie’s entire being after he absorbed it. His hands constantly moved as they formed seal after seal. The powers of Destroying the Void revolved around Jackie for a few times before he started to condense Soul Swords once.

He did not know how many Soul Swords he could form in a day or how long he needed to completely absorb the soul crystal. Nonetheless, Jackie did not bother thinking about any of that at that moment.

The dense aura constantly moved within Jackie’s body. It was as if Jackie had seen a bottomless barrel as he constantly absorbed the soul crystal.

After ten hours, 70 Soul Swords were neatly placed in front of Jackie. A crack was heard before the radiant golden light of the soul crystal started to disappear.


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