No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2578

The white-haired man’s words reflected how inquisitive and solemn he was. He truly wondered why Jackie would choose to be an alchemist if he was talented enough to break through to the spring solidifying realm at his age. After all, the white-haired man felt like it was not an easy path to take.

Alchemists were no doubt respected, but the path was fraught with various difficulties. It was much more difficult to tread than the path of martial arts.

Some alchemists were never able to even become seventh-grade alchemists for their entire lives, thus practicing martial arts were worth it all as compared to alchemy. That was one of the reasons why high-level alchemists were so rare.

Jackie stared at the white-haired man. There had been some things he had not been planning to say, but the white-haired man did not seem willing to relent at all, so he felt like he had to explain.

“I never gave up on either side. Otherwise, I would never have come to Soul Grotto.”

The white-haired man’s lips froze before he asked again, “I still don’t understand. The path of being an alchemist seems really hard to me.

“If you want to become a high-level alchemist, expect to be spending loads of time and resources. You won’t just need to be incredibly familiar with knowledge of the various materials; you’ll also need to constantly refine pills.”

The white-haired man knew quite a few alchemists, which was why he knew how much effort and resources were needed to become a successful alchemist. After all, refining a pill was not something easy.

One needed to go through hundreds of failures before being able to succeed, and increasing one’s proficiency as an alchemist was even harder. He had many friends that were stuck at the sixth-grade level, even after over ten years of practice. Becoming a seventh-grade alchemist seemed like an impossible goal to them.

Even in Phoenix Valley, seventh-grade alchemists were incredibly well-respected. After all, seventh-grade alchemists were not easy to find.

Jackie’s lips twitched in exasperation. Thinking deeper into this, he knew why the white-haired man was so shocked.

After all, the fact that he had arrived at this stage was not because of any amazing talents; it was because he had fused with memories from past warriors. Things that many people needed tremendous amounts of time to understand came easy to Jackie.

He never needed to spend hours working on this.

Jackie turned toward the white-haired man and, with formalcy, replied, “With enough talent, you’ll never need to give up one for the sake of the other.”

Even though there was a hint of self-praise there, it was the only way to explain what Jackie was going through. When the whitehaired man heard this, however, his face soured.

The white-haired man felt like he was trash compared to Jackie. Not only was Jackie already accomplished as an alchemist, but he was no worse as a warrior as well. Compared to that, he was not even that spectacular when it came to being a warrior.

It was incredibly infuriating comparing himself to others.

Francis looked at Jackie in envy. “Geniuses exist just to infuriate us commoners. I have nothing to say about the fact that you can be both altogether.”

Everyone nodded at Francis’ words. They had never heard of someone who could get everything like Jackie.

“Who are you?! Answer my question!” Alex’s shout was heard once again.

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at Alex unpleasantly. He had not wanted to get into a conflict with that guy. True, they had an argument, but it was nothing major.

As long as Alex could shut his mouth, he could not be bothered about the guy. It was just his luck that Alex would hound after him in such a bitter manner.


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