No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2577

“You deliberately toyed with me!” snarled Alex. “You’re already at least at the middle stage of the spring solidifying realm, yet you hid your power to toy with me!”

Alex grew more infuriated as he recalled everything. Whatever he had said to Jackie came back to bite him, and there was no way Alex could accept that.

He had never been so humiliated before.

Both his hands trembled slightly as he pointed at Jackie. “You’re despicable! You held back for so long just to make a joke out of me!”

Jackie’s lips twitched at Alex’s words, and he could not help but wonder what went through his head. He did not think that way at all, yet this vermin managed to twist it. around to fit his narrative.

It was as if he had deliberately hid his strength just to make a joke out of that guy!

Everyone around them started to look over at them.

Even though they did not say anything, it was obvious from their expressions that they agreed with what Alex said. They felt like Jackie had deliberately hid his strength just to make a joke of Alex.

Jackie took a deep breath as his lips curled up into a smirk. “Can you stop making such a big deal out of yourself? The reason I hadn’t revealed my strength is that I’ve sustained a few internal injuries; you just don’t have the skills to see through it.

“Do you think I would’ve even bothered talking to you if you hadn’t run your mouth like that? You were the one making assumptions, saying that I was only at the early stage of the innate realm. I’ve never said that my strength is already at the spring solidifying realm. I never spoke about it before merely because I couldn’t be bothered talking to you!”

Not bothering to spare Alex another glance, Jackie immediately made his way to the mats ahead, planning on absorbing the soul crystal on the spot. Nonetheless, he was not sure if he could finish absorbing it that day.

Alex was rooted on the spot. The expression on his face was quite interesting as it constantly changed. Meanwhile, the whitehaired man and the others who sneered and threw jokes stared curiously at Jackie in a new light.

The white-haired man was a huge gossiper. The others were able to hold back, but he was not able to stop himself for that long.

He coughed lightly before he said in an earnest tone,”Are you really an alchemist?”

Jackie frowned. “Isn’t that obvious? Do you think I stole these alchemist robes?”

Those words stumped the white-haired man for a good moment. The white-haired man’s face froze as his lips twitched helplessly, rather irked by Jackie’s straightforwardness, but he no longer dared to test Jackie’s patience.

After all, Jackie was someone who seemed to have talent in martial arts and was proficient at alchemy. He could not offend someone like that.

Jackie was a true prodigy. The white-haired man had also been a prodigy where he came from, but Phoenix Valley was a place where masters gathered. He was no longer that special after he arrived here, and he had learned to reign his pompous self.

“I’ve just never seen an alchemist who is talented in martial arts as well. After all, we all know that people who were good at martial arts would typically never choose to be an alchemist.

“Having the skills to fight is the most important thing. Alchemists are respected, but it’s not an easy path to walk. They need to spend a lot of time on alchemy and might not even be rewarded for their efforts.”


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