No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2576

Regardless of the annoyance, Jackie closed himself off from what the others behind him were saying. He concentrated solely on his hands and pressed onward.

The soul sword swung forth and, following the sound of a gust, aimed straight for the soul crystal!

An upper ultimate god rank technique was not something an earth rank technique could ever compete with. On top of that, Jackie was already at the second stage of Destroying the Void and was not far away from the third.

A massive Soul Sword composed of 60 Soul Swords rammed into the outer shell of the soul crystal with an unrivaled force. Soon after, the unmistakable sound of something cracking could be heard as everyone witnessed the soul crystal’s shell starting to shatter.

The cracks spread across the soul crystal’s surface, and not a minute later, the outer shell fell apart, and a golden bright light revealed itself, to everyone’s obvious surprise.

Everyone gaped at Jackie as they inhaled sharply, while Alex was rendered utterly speechless.

His jaw hung low as he stared dumbfoundedly at the soul crystal which already had its shell shattered. With a wave of Jackie’s hand, the soul crystal was summoned onto his hand, and a cold sensation greeted his palm.

The soul crystal had a vibrant golden yellow glow after it shed its outer shell. It looked like a gold piece that glinted under the sun, and Jackie could not even fully hold it in one hand. Thus, he reached out his other hand and held it with both.

He tried lifting the crystal that pulsed with energy a little and found it was rather

heavier than he thought it would be.

The crystal was nothing short of wonder.

Jackie did not know how much his skills would increase after absorbing it. He furrowed his eyebrows as he looked up at the other soul crystals-about 300 of them -still afloat in the air.

“This is too small,” lamented Jackie as he sighed.

The dark aura behind him intensified soon after, but Jackie was not tooting his horn whatsoever; he was just truthfully speaking his mind.

He never expected the outer shell of the soul crystal to be so easily shattered after he used his full strength. The shell was something that could withstand a lot of punishment. It meant that he could actually have challenged an even larger soul crystal.

In the end, Jackie had been too careful. He knew that he was stronger than everyone present, but he did not know how greater in strength that meant.

To prevent something like what had happened to Buck Tooth from happening, he had chosen one which he was more sure of. However, he never expected to manage to get the soul crystal so easily, and while it surprised Jackie, he could not help the regret that bothered him.

“Who are you?!” demanded Alex, who stood behind Jackie.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not even bothering to turn his head around as he responded, “Does it matter who I am? I’ve told you before to not judge others with your narrow eyes. You can’t tell how strong I am because you are not strong enough to!”

If Alex was at the divine solidifying realm, he would have been able to see through Jackie’s strength even if Jackie had deliberately left behind some injuries. In the eyes of the strong, there were no lies.

His words had not been meant to deliberately insult Alex, but Alex’s expression changed the moment he heard Jackie’s remark.


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