No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2575

Alex crossed his arms as he coldly stared at Jackie’s back. “Since you’re so stubborn, let’s see if you can get even the smallest of all the soul crystals there.

“I’ve never seen an early innate level trash get a soul crystal my whole time here!”

Alex’s words were incredibly harsh to the ear, but Jackie no longer cared about him. He focused all his attention on those soul crystals that floated in the air.

Jackie’s actions from before attracted the attention of everyone present. Even Francis had temporarily stopped absorbing the soul crystal in his hand to look at Jackie in earnest.

They were curious to see if Jackie’s gallantness was backed with actual strength. Even though no one there thought that Jackie was already at the spring solidifying realm, they still wanted to see

what level Jackie was at.

Jackie took a deep breath as gray seals started to condense between his constantly moving hands. Soul Swords the size of a palm started to form before him as they slowly moved into a formation that not many present could understand.

In a flash, 60 Soul Swords were condensed. Everyone stared in bewilderment as Jackie merged the 60 swords into one large one.

The moment the Soul Sword formed, Jackie widened his eyes abruptly. He immediately found his target as he pointed forward to a large soul crystal he had seized mid-air, and the soul crystal was even bigger than the one Francis had earlier.

After Jackie determined his target and stabilized the position of that soul crystal, everyone was stunned.

That soul crystal was even bigger than the one Francis had before. Jackie had determined his target. After he locked onto that soul crystal, everyone was stunned. They did not understand what Jackie was thinking. Was the guy just crazy, or was there something wrong with his head? That soul crystal he aimed for was notably large! How could an alchemist like Jackie break it so easily?

Francis froze as he looked at the soul crystal he had in hand. Compared to the one Jackie had locked on to, he was sure that Jackie’s was larger than the one he had!

It was about 20 percent larger!

“Are you that confident in yourself? Are you just showing off? Do you think that we’d think you’re at the spring solidifying realm just by picking such a large soul crystal and launching a few fake attacks?” scoffed Alex, who still stood behind Jackie.

At that moment, Alex no longer took Jackie seriously. Earlier, he had thought that Jackie was just overly proud and unwilling to fight

too much with him, but it seemed like he had overestimated Jackie.

Picking out such a large soul crystal must be for the purpose of putting on a mere show!

The more Alex thought about it, the more amused he became. Even the white-haired man and the others all looked at Jackie with helpless and strange expressions.

“Are you trying to compete against me?” blurted Francis. “Why did you pick one bigger than mine?”

Francis had a point, the white-haired man thought to himself. Jackie must have chosen such a large one for the sake of crystal all for the sake of wanting to leave an impression.

On the other hand, Buck Tooth looked at Jackie sympathetically. He wanted to tell Jackie to not exert so much effort to show off. It was more important to reap genuine benefits.


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