No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2574

Nonetheless, the soul crystal’s outer shell was tough beyond comparison, so much so that it showed no signs of breaking even after Buck Tooth assailed it with his ax. Even Francis had put in so much work to obtain his soul crystal, but at least he showed progress.

Buck Tooth’s skills were no match for Francis, alas. Even after toiling for so long, nothing happened at all!

After frantically doing all he could, Buck Tooth’s true energy was completely exhausted.

He had no way of continuing. All he could do was stop before he collapsed on the ground and panted heavily. His head was completely wet in sweat.

Buck Tooth’s eyes were bloodshot; he seemed to have suffered a tremendous impact. He could not say anything for a long time, but everyone around him did not seem to pay much attention. All of them merely shook their heads silently and lamented Buck Tooth’s stubbornness.

He had made an empty trip this time and everyone had advised him to not aim too greatly in case he ended up with nothing, yet Buck Tooth had thought that he would be able to compete with Francis and chose a crystal about the size of Francis’.

Other than Alex, everyone sympathized with Buck Tooth. No one tried to mock him or agitate him, seeing how devastated he was. It was as if he had completely failed at everything in life.

Alex, however, was not so kind.

Alex had no way to vent his anger at that moment and merely grunted when he saw Buck Tooth. After that, he amusedly remarked, “I told you that you wouldn’t be able to shatter the soul crystal, but you refused to believe me. Now, it slaps you right in the face. If you don’t have the skill, then you don’t have the skill. Aren’t you too fragile if you can’t even accept that?”

Buck Tooth’s face soured at those words. Jackie even felt like Buck Tooth could even die at that moment.

Jackie frowned as he glanced at Alex, who seemed incredibly pleased with himself.

Jackie felt like Alex’s mockery of Buck Tooth would not be limited to just that. Alex would definitely thoroughly embarrass Buck Tooth before he could feel good about himself.

The moment Alex tried to continue, Jackie suddenly turned to tell Buck Tooth, “It’s alright, just take this as a lesson. Head back in to rest for now. You might be able to get this soul crystal next time.”

Buck Tooth looked up at Jackie strangely. He never expected Jackie’s consolation would even cure him of the awkwardness.

Buck Tooth nodded before he struggled to get up. He sat on a mat behind as he started to rest.

Alex’s face darkened. “You’re really not going to give in?”

Jackie could not be bothered to continue with Alex. “If you want to use force to solve the matter, then let’s fight right now. Otherwise, just shut your mouth. Why would I give you my spot?”

Not wasting any more time, Jackie walked toward the edge of the cliff.

Alex wanted to say something to defend himself at that moment. Even though he did have an urgent matter to attend to, it was not something as pressing as he made it.

He had held onto his earlier position and still wanted Jackie to give his spot; it was merely to save some face. However, Jackie did not seem to care about him at all as Jackie remained unmoved, not giving way.

He raised his head and looked at the soul crystals that danced in the air, earnestly looking for his gold. The other two before him had already given him a great indication.

He estimated that he could handle most of the soul crystals.


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