No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2573

Alex did not stop as he continued, his anger breaching its threshold, “They need decades before they can reach the spring solidifying realm. I can’t see through your strength, but I can tell how old you are. At your age, it’s already impressive if you’re at the early stage of the innate level!”

Everything Jackie had said felt like a direct slap to the face, thus fueling his rage.

Alex was so talented that he had always been showered with praise, and even those who did not praise him for his talent would still treat him respectfully. They would never speak to him like Jackie did.

Alex took a deep breath. “You rascal! This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone who dared talk to me like this. You genuinely don’t know your place! Don’t think you can stand up to me just because you’re an alchemist?

“Alchemists are just a group of useful people. Since you insist on being obstinate, I’ll show you hell!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, his expression as passive as ever. “I’ve never felt like being an alchemist was a particularly noble profession.

“You were the one who started the challenge, and I countered it. If you feel like I bullied you because of that, then I don’t know how you even comprehend things!”

The highly regarded or talented people Jackie had met always had one thing in common: arrogance. They always believed everything should be handed to them on a silver platter.

If others did not give in to them, they would think that others were bullying them because they looked down on them. Those warriors who were average in talent would always try to avoid any trouble and not fight against them.

However, Jackie was not someone like that. As long as someone caused him trouble, he would retaliate with a force much stronger. After all, he knew that the other party would keep pushing his buttons if he remained passive.

Jackie’s words completely stumped Alex.

Despite everything that happened, Jackie was right. It was Alex who insisted on cutting the queue after entering the grotto. Jackie just did not want to give it to him.

That was how simple everything was.

The white-haired man merely sat on the mat and looked on at the scene. Earlier, Jackie had said some harsh words that had angered him, but that anger had dissipated at this point when Jackie lambasted Alex and said the things he had been holding to himself for many years. Alex had always stood above them because of his talent, and he would always ignore others with

everything he did.

He had experienced this before, much like how Alex aggressively approached Jackie. Even after obtaining something noteworthy, Alex mercilessly snatched it, and this had frustrated him for a long time.

With how Alex was suffering at that moment, he could no longer hold back his smile.

The men next to the white-haired man all opened their eyes as well. They stopped trying to absorb the soul crystals as they looked on at the commotion caused by the two of them.

“Break! Break for me!” Buck Tooth’s sudden shout attracted everyone’s attention.

At that moment, Buck Tooth was already at the brink of exhaustion. He constantly formed seal after seal as the black ax in the air constantly slashed at the soul crystal.


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