No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2572

Buck Tooth’s eyes narrowed at those words. There he was, exerting all he could to obtain a soul crystal, yet someone had cursed him to fail. Buck Tooth gritted his teeth as he said, “Alex, what do you mean by that? You might be incredibly talented, but does that give you the right to curse people?”

Alex snorted as he casually replied, “Am I not allowed to speak the truth? If you have the skills, prove it to me. From the moment I’ve entered, you haven’t even made a crack, so how could you even have the gall to say that?”

Buck Tooth’s face reddened at this, his neck straining as his chest started to heave. If he had not managed to maintain his composure, he would have wasted all his past efforts by trying to attack Alex. He wanted nothing more than to face Alex and make him eat his words.

Sure, he might not be able to defeat Alex, but it would release him from his anger, at least.

Alex might not have said such harsh words had it not been for Jackie’s words. Even though he was talented and strong, he could not afford to offend everyone. Jackie’s words voided Alex from any other emotion apart from anger.

With that, Alex narrowed his eyes as he pointed at Buck Tooth.

“This guy is already at the spring solidifying realm, and his technique is a lower stage Earth technique. Even then, he can’t shatter the outer shell of the soul crystal. Do you think you’re stronger than him?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not answering immediately. Buck Tooth was in the same realm as him, but the techniques they trained in were worlds apart. Jackie had an upper ultimate god level technique, while Buck Tooth was far lower in the spectrum.

An ultimate god level technique was more than just a little better than an earth rank one. Some people were unable to use ultimate god rank techniques even at the divine solidifying realm, let alone an upper rank one.

After all, training in high level techniques required one to be compatible with the techniques in the first place. Even with the relevant strength, they would need to encounter problems before they can understand it.

However, that did not apply to Jackie.

After all, he had absorbed the memories of the ancient warrior, and that warrior had already understood all there was to understand. There were no bottlenecks to speak of, so all Jackie needed to do was to advance, and he would complete his training.

Alex’s tone was even more arrogant when Jackie said nothing. “Do you have nothing else to say? Stop being so stubborn, why don’t you. You’re only at the innate level. You can’t do anything in this grotto.

“I don’t even think that you’re even at the late stage of the innate level. You’re probably only at the early stage. After all, you’re still young, and alchemists roughly in your level are all only at the innate stage of the innate level,” rambled Alex, not holding back his assumptions on Jackie. He truly believed in his guesses, too.

Even though he could not see through Jackie’s strength for some reason, his past experience told him that this rascal could not be over the late stage of the innate realm. He was probably only at the early stage.

A person at the early stage innate level was merely an ant in Alex’s eyes. Even a beast on Yorn Mountain was far stronger.

Even though the guy knew some soul attribute technique or skill, it could still not change Alex’s impression.

Furthermore, he was incredibly furious at Jackie. Jackie blatantly disregarded him and his words, and it made him hate Jackie with a burning passion.

How could he possibly think that Jackie was stronger than he thought?

Jackie shrugged as he looked at Alex helplessly. “Don’t cast judgment upon others with your meager knowledge. Are alchemists not allowed to be at the spring solidifying realm?”

“Of course they can, but the alchemists at the spring solidifying realm all managed to get there thanks to pills and medicines,” retorted Alex arrogantly. “They wouldn’t be able to stand up against any actual attacks!”


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