No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2571

“If you have the skills, then by all means show me your hell.”

Lou had explained the rules of Soul Grotto in great detail. The whole place was meant solely for soul attribute warriors to train, not a place for people to duke it out.

Guards stood on patrol outside at every moment, and the moment anything happened that involved two parties, they would immediately be punished and get dragged to the elders to be dealt with. By then, nothing would clear their name no matter what they said.

Alex, of course, knew this, hence why he refrained himself, and Jackie could tell. Alex stared at him so spitefully yet wordlessly. He turned to look at Buck Tooth, wondering when Buck Tooth would give up.

Alas, Alex had already snapped at that point. In just a moment, Alex’s voice could be heard again, remarking determinedly, “You’re an alchemist. How talented can you possibly be in martial arts? You probably can’t even get the smallest soul crystal!”

It was as if he knew everything there was to know about Jackie.

Jackie sighed helplessly, not even bothering to turn his head around as he said, “And how would you know about my skills? You don’t even know what realm I’m in, but you so casually cast your judgment upon me. Aren’t you being too presumptuous?”

Jackie intentionally left a scar untreated to hide his power. Those who tried to evaluate his strength would not be able to find anything out, and no one present could tell what level he was at. Only he knew that he had already broken through to the spring solidifying realm.

There was no one present who was at the innate stage; they were all already at the

spring solidifying realm. Some of them were at the initial stage while some were at the middle stage.

What puzzled Jackie was the fact that the man behind him was only at the middlestage of the spring solidifying realm. Based on his strength, he should not be so respected by everyone around him.

Pushing that thought aside, Jackie was sure that Alex must have immense talent despite not having astounding power. Alex was likely a warrior that could challenge those at a higher realm. This was why everyone seemed to hold Alex with high regard when talking to him.

“I can’t tell what level you’re at, but it doesn’t stop me from seeing what realm you’re at. If you’re even above the innate level, I’ll take up your family name!” snapped Alex, the vicious determination in his voice not wavering.

It was as if he would push for it even if Jackie

did not want it.

Jackie pursed his lips helplessly as he looked at Alex in disdain. After thinking about it, he felt like Alex’s obstinate stance was not entirely unreasonable.

After all, alchemy required a lot of time, and they were normally talentless in martial arts. On top of that, they focused on alchemy and would not have time to spare on martial arts. Their strength, naturally, would not be that high.

All of them were masters sent in from their respective clans, and being able to become an inner disciple was proof of their power.

“This buck-toothed man will fail in no time at all, and by then, you’ll find out how strong you are then. You’d do well to reevaluate the trash you’ve been spouting.”

Alex was incredibly confident in his own skills and talents. He felt that Jackie was no

different from a degenerate.

The Soul Grotto was different from anywhere else. Benefitting from the place first required immense skill, and that was something everyone present knew.


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