No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2570

Jackie was irked to hear Alex’s words. He had thought that his clothes and the badge on his chest would have brought him a lot of conveniences. At the very least, he would not invite that much trouble.

After all, alchemists were held with high regard by warriors. He could give the fighters various benefits, after all, so regular warriors would not offend alchemists.

Jackie had queued up according to the rules and never intended on troubling anyone else at all. He should have been able to peacefully obtain his soul stone, but he never expected another troublesome matter to pop up so quickly.

He did not know Alex, but judging Alex’s temperament as well as the slightly respectful tone others seemed to refer to Alex with, Alex must not be a small figure.

However, Jackie did not care who Alex was at all. He was already impatient from all the waiting. How could he just give up his spot?

His expression was somewhat frosty. “No,” he replied, and even calmly at that. There was no explanation to his words, and he merely conveyed his intentions.

When Alex heard Jackie’s clear rejection, his face suddenly froze. He did not seem to believe that someone would dare say that to him and deny him so easily.

Alex stood a few meters away from Jackie. “Do you think you’re that great just because you’re an alchemist? Do you know who I am? You dare deny me like that?”

No one expected that Alex would be infuriated by Jackie so quickly after entering.

Jackie seemed to have quite the temper. No matter who it was, Jackie did not seem to hold back on his words when he was unhappy.

The white-haired man had thought that Jackie dared talk that way earlier because the white-haired man was not talented enough, but it seemed like Jackie did not care who he was talking to or how strong they were.

As long as he was offended, he would stand his ground and retaliate!

After Jackie heard Alex’s words, he smirked and said bluntly, “I don’t care who you are.”

Even if it was the emperor, anyone who caused Jackie trouble would be met with the same treatment. Alex became so enraged that he glared at Jackie venomously.

Jackie was used to that expression, however. Everyone who wanted to get rid of him or cause him trouble would always look at him like that.

Jackie had long since gotten immune to those stares. Even if they fought right at that moment, Jackie would not be scared at all.

“Don’t think that you can show off in front of us just because you’re an alchemist. Alchemists are valuable, but Phoenix Valley has alchemists everywhere. One or two dead alchemists won’t make a difference!”

Alex’s tone was incredibly threatening, but it did not even make Jackie raise an eyebrow. It seemed like Alex must have been a bully for a long time. Otherwise, he would not have been able to say something like that.

Jackie merely sported a small smile as he fearlessly responded, “Don’t talk as if something heinous has been done. You’re the shameless one who wanted to take my spot. You’re unhappy that you were rejected, but you make yourself seem so noble.”

“You…!” Alex was so furious both his hands started to shake. It seemed like he wanted to rush forward and choke Jackie at that moment.

Jackie pursed his lips nonchalantly; he had no plans of entertaining Alex.

However, Alex did not relent as he demanded, “I’ll give you one last chance. Give me your spot, or I’ll put you through hell!”

It was the same words and the same threatening tone as usual. Jackie seemed to hear something like that once every month. Jackie raised an eyebrow as he nodded very solemnly.


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