No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2567

The white-haired man’s lips stiffened as he shot Jackie a stiff glare, but in the end, he no longer pestered Jackie with questions. After all, Jackie was still a sixth-grade alchemist.

Even though he did not know how talented Jackie was at alchemy, it was quite likely that Jackie would become a seventh-grade alchemist if he was already in the sixth grade at this age. The white-haired man did not want to offend someone who might be a high-ranked alchemist in the future.

With that, the white-haired man suppressed the fire in his heart as he turned and returned to sit on his mat.

On the other hand, Buck Tooth turned and looked at Jackie earnestly as if trying to read Jackie’s mind from his face.

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows. He hated being looked at so inquisitively, but ever since he arrived at Hestia Continent, he never ceased to stop attracting such curious gazes.

At this point, Jackie was content with himself. They could look at whatever they wanted to.

“Alright! Just a little more! Break!” Everyone could suddenly hear Francis’ voice, and it broke the awkward atmosphere from earlier.

Everyone looked up and glanced at Francis, whose face was already beaded with sweat. His hands constantly moved as he formed seal after seal, sending a torrent of attacks at the soul crystal.

With multiple pangs, a large crack was finally seen on the outer shell of the soul crystal. Soon after, the crack quickly shattered the whole outer shell.

With a crack, the whole thing shattered, and the yellow glow radiated even more vibrantly.

After the last of the outer shell fell off, the soul crystal’s radiant glow flew right toward Francis’ palm. The moment Francis grabbed the soul crystal, a teardrop fell from his eye.

Jackie was speechless at how emotional Francis seemed. True, the soul crystal was something good, but it was just one crystal. Did he need to get so excited?

The others, coincidentally, shared the same thought Jackie had. They could not help but tease Francis for being so emotional.

One of the inner disciples said, “You truly are something else, Francis. And here I am, thinking you must’ve gone through a lot in your life before. Yes, that soul crystal is quite nicely sized, but do you have to be so emotional?”

Hearing this, Francis turned to look at the person and snapped, waving the soul crystal in his hand, “Stop trying to rain on my parade. If you were the one with this soul crystal, you’d be just as emotional. Just look at the size of this thing!”

To Francis’ credit, it was relatively large; about the size of a fist. Francis could not completely cover it with his hand.

The white-haired man snorted. “The soul crystal is quite big, but if I got it, I wouldn’t be so emotional that I’d end up crying.

“After all, I have great ambitions. In one year, I’ll get an even bigger soul crystal than the one in your hand!”

The white-haired man sounded incredibly sure of himself as though certain his goal was within reach.

Francis let out a grunt as he rolled his eyes. “I knew that you guys wouldn’t be capable of saying a single good thing.”


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