No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2566

Jackie calmly nodded.

Buck Tooth turned to look at Jackie as well. A glint of ridicule flashed across his eyes for a brief moment before he quickly composed himself, not wanting to have any form of conflict with Jackie.

At the end of the day, alchemists were revered among warriors, and every warrior had a certain degree of respect for alchemists. They needed alchemists to refine pills, after all.

The white-haired man let out a laugh as he remarked with a teasing lilt in his voice, “You truly do see everything at every given moment. There are soul attribute fighters even among alchemists. I’ve never seen you before, so it must be your first time here. Do you know the rules of Soul Grotto?”

Jackie looked at the white-haired man before he nodded calmly. To this, the white-haired man’s lips curled into a meaningful smile.

“You must continue to work hard. Don’t be like this guy; he’s been doing it for so long but still hasn’t gotten a single soul crystal.”

The white-haired man had a very natural expression when he said that, but Jackie could tell that the white-haired man was trying to test himself. At times, Jackie felt really helpless. He did not want to interact with such people, but they could somehow worm their way into his life.

Jackie sighed as he said in exasperation, “Since I’m here, I naturally have the confidence to break the soul crystal. Thank you for your reminder.”

Those words were clear enough. The whitehaired man could not help but raise an eyebrow. He had not expected that Jackie would be smart enough to immediately understand what he was trying to ask.

However, Jackie’s words failed to repress the white-haired man’s curiosity, and he then gave Jackie a once-over.

“In so many years, it’s the first time I’ve seen an alchemist here. Those who train in soul attribute techniques are usually all warriors who usually have a bright future being warriors. Seeing as you’re so confident, you must have some talent in combat as well.”

Despite his words, the white-haired man’s words conveyed his curiosity, one that showed how he was searching for something. He clearly did not believe that Jackie had that talent.

Anyone talented at combat would pursue the path of becoming a warrior instead of wasting their time in alchemy. Even though alchemists received respect from warriors, one could only truly be confident if they had genuine power to support them.

Jackie frowned as he glanced at the white

haired man helplessly. To him, this whitehaired man was far too curious.

He could see from the earlier conversation with Francis that the man had a strong taste for gossiping.

Jackie took a deep breath as he refrained from sneering at the white-haired man. “There are some things I really don’t want to repeat. Let me ask you something: why are you here?”

The white-haired man was taken aback by Jackie’s question. After all, he never expected such a sudden one. “That’s obvious,” he answered. “I just want to absorb soul crystals to increase my power.”

Jackie nodded seriously before he spoke again, albeit bluntly, “Why aren’t you absorbing your soul crystal, then? What’s the point of standing here? Will understanding my affairs increase your own power?”

The white-haired man’s face flushed at


All of a sudden, giggles could be heard. around them, and the white-haired man let out an awkward cough. He tried to say something to defend himself but could not find the words.


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