No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2565

Francis turned around angrily as he stared at the white-haired man, “Can you shut up? Do you think I want to take so long? The outer shell is way too hard! What can I do?!”

The white-haired man snorted as he raised an eyebrow and replied, “Don’t even try that with me. If you’d just picked a smaller one, wouldn’t it be much easier? You’re just greedy. You insisted on picking a big one. Obviously, it would be harder!”

Francis grunted coldly and ignored the white-haired man. Jackie raised an eyebrow, remembering the rules that Lou had said.

The size of the soul crystals was not even. The larger the soul crystal, the larger the outer shell. Just a slight increase in the size of the soul crystal would result in a much harder outer shell.

Jackie could see that Francis was working hard, trying to attack the Soul Crystal. In truth, the soul crystal was not even that big considering all the others. It could only be considered medium-sized. However, it seemed like a shell of that size was already incredibly difficult for Francis.

He had spent so long without even breaking the outer shell. However, it was not like his efforts had been a complete waste. The outer shell of that soul crystal was already beginning to crack.

As long as Francis worked a bit more at it, he would be able to destroy the shell in a short time and obtain the soul crystal.

The white-haired man shrugged, “Greed isn’t enough to get you what you want. Just look at Buck Tooth behind you. He’s so angry he’s about to bite you. He’s already been waiting for you for over an hour, can’t you hurry up?!”

The man called Buck Tooth really did have

two incredibly large buck teeth. The man looked quite burly and was glaring impatiently at Francis with his arms crossed.

Jackie felt like Buck Tooth was about to lose his patience.

“Don’t make him shout at you! He’s right, you’re just too greedy! Can’t you find a smaller one? You insist on hitting a big one. Are you so confident that you can get that soul crystal?” Buck Tooth said coldly.

Francis froze. He could ignore the whitehaired man’s words, but Buck Tooth had waited for a whole hour behind him, so those words had been reasonable.

However, he could not stop his attacks. If he took back his soul energy, that soul crystal would start to move again. Then it would be incredibly hard to look for it again.

All he could do was answer as he attacked, “I’m so sorry, I have no other choice. It should not take much longer. Just look, there’s already a crack there. It should be mine soon!”

Buck Tooth replied unhappily, ” You just keep mumbling about. If you hadn’t made any progress, I would have already tossed you aside.

“If we weren’t both inner disciples, I wouldn’t have bothered to argue with you. I’d have just attacked. Stop talking and hurry up!”

Francis knew he was in the wrong, so he did not say anything. Jackie walked over and stood behind Buck Tooth. The sudden newcomer caused everyone to look over.

Jackie was wearing his alchemist attire. He stood out in the group of inner disciples like a sore thumb.

The white-haired man looked at Jackie curiously and asked,”You’re an alchemist?”


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