No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2564

He never expected that Jackie would be as talented in martial arts as he was in alchemy which made Lou feel envious.

He took a deep breath as he nodded before saying, “Yes, that place is called the Soul Grotto.”

The Soul Grotto was at the eastern end of where the warriors were. After Jackie used the transfer array to arrive at the warriors’ area, he asked a few questions before arriving at the Soul Grotto.

Jackie had thought that the place would still be a grand hall despite being named the Soul Grotto, but he was proven wrong the moment he arrived. It really was a grotto.

To put it in another way, it was more like a broken-down cave. There were guards in front of the Soul Grotto as well. Jackie had already asked about all the rules for entering the day before, so he did not panic when he arrived.

After he showed his identification badge to the guards, the guard waved him in. Only, the guard had a curious look on his face when he saw that Jackie was an alchemist. It was probably the first time he had ever seen an alchemist entering Soul Grotto.

The interior of the grotto was quite clean. There was enough space for eighty to ninety people. Moving forward was a cliff that hung in the cave. The place looked like a cliff wrapped within the cave.

The cliff dropped into an incredibly dark hole. There were countless orbs of yellowish light floating in the air. They were like stars in the night sky. The lights were basically soul crystals.

The soul crystals emitted a yellow glow as they constantly moved around in the air. They danced around like comets in the sky.

Everyone who came into the Soul Grotto came for the soul crystals. The soul crystals were very useful to soul attribute warriors.

Absorbing those crystals could raise the power of their souls and even improve their understanding of various techniques. Jackie had gone there precisely for those crystals.

Those crystals were constantly dancing around in the empty darkness. Their shapes were uneven and so were their speeds. Getting them would require one to stand at the end of the cliff and utilize various soul techniques to break the outer shell.

Only by breaking the outer shell would the spirit crystals be obtained. That was a test for everyone. Furthermore, the Soul Grotto was not somewhere anyone could enter.

Each person was only allowed in once a month. If they missed the chance, they could only wait until the next opportunity arises. That was why everyone who entered the Soul Grotto would do their best to shatter the outer shells.

After obtaining the soul crystal, they would absorb it in the empty space in front. Breaking the shells was not something easy. Everyone would expend a lot of power just to break the shell of one soul crystal.

Jackie entered and saw that there were two queueing up in front of him. There were about twenty odd mats on the ground. Five people sat on them, and those five had inner disciple uniforms on.

They were all seated while absorbing the soul crystals. Some of them looked like they had expended all their power to break the soul crystals. Of the five there, there was one who stood out because he had a head full of white hair,

Even though the man had a head full of white hair, he did not look old.

It seemed like the white hair was just a special characteristic of his.

The white-haired man frowned and said, “Francis Lloyd, haven’t you had enough? It’s been an hour, and you haven’t even broken a single outer shell. The ones waiting behind you are about to go crazy.”


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