No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2563

Unexpectedly, Harold seemed to have completely disappeared. Harold no longer caused him any trouble, which saved Jackie a lot of frustration.

In half a month, Jackie had managed to earn fifty thousand spirit crystals. He was already able to condense three thousand pill runes. Jackie was ready to undergo the test to be a seventh-grade alchemist, but he did not do so.

Even though he really needed spirit crystals, he could not afford to drop his training. After all, he was a warrior first and foremost. He did not only need ninth-grade spirit crystals to enter Wild Gorge Pass, he also needed to possess certain skills.

Thankfully, Phoenix Valley does not only raise alchemists, they raised warriors as well. At noon, Jackie called Lou to the sect. The two of them sipped on tea as they spoke.

As they talked, Jackie tried asking how he could get to where the warriors were. When Lou heard that, he immediately knew what Jackie was planning on doing. Lou respectfully answered, “The warriors in Phoenix Pavilion are raised like any other clan. They are separated into outer, inner, and chosen disciples.”

“However, there’s a barrier between where we are and where they are. Even though we’re both parts of Phoenix Valley, it’s impossible to get there without a transfer array.”

Jackie frowned strangely when he heard that. In order to stop the two sides from meeting, a barrier was set up. That aroused suspicion in Jackie.

Since they were both in the outer valley and a part of Phoenix Valley, Jackie did not think it would cause any trouble for the two of them to interact. After all, they were in different systems.

There were no conflicts of interest, so why would a barrier be needed? The two sides were completely separated and even needed a transfer array.

Jackie’s expression had been obvious, so Lou immediately saw through what Jackie was thinking. He let out a small laugh before he said, “Jackie, you don’t know this, but it’s actually a big problem if you look at it closer even though it seems like alchemists and warriors do not have a conflict of interest. Warriors need the support of pills.

“If we don’t separate the two, the warriors would constantly interact with the alchemists. Then, if they start to buy pills in private, Phoenix Valley would be in chaos.

“Those problems are why a barrier was erected to separate the two.

“If an alchemist wants to train in combat, they need to use the transfer array to head

to where the warriors are. They need to report it as well to prevent any unnecessary deals.”

With Lou’s explanation, Jackie immediately understood the purpose of the barrier. Warriors need a large number of pills to help with their training. The reason alchemists were regarded so highly was because of how much warriors needed them.

If the two sides interacted too much, their relationships would be unclear, and there would be conflicts.

“Do you know if there’s a place to train soul-focused martial arts here?” Jackie asked intently.

After all, Jackie’s skills were something incredibly rare.

Lou widened his eyes as he looked at Jackie in admiration. Jackie’s question meant that Jackie had to be a spirit technique user.

They were incredibly rare in the world, and all of them were incredibly talented.


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