No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2562

Rudy started to thoroughly panic when he heard that. Jackie was right. It was not possible for him to escape or even just leave either.

“Are we supposed to just stay on and be worried and scared every day?” Rudy’s tears started to fall from his eyes as he finished his words.

He was truly afraid. He felt like he was right next to the gaping maw of a wild beast. If he was not careful, he would fall right in.

Jackie frowned as he reached out and patted Rudy on the shoulder, “I know you’re afraid, but it’s pointless to be scared right now. In the short term, we should both be fine.

“Even if you want to leave, we have to look for the right moment. Without the right chance, we shouldn’t do anything.”

Rudy nodded reluctantly. Jackie was afraid that Rudy would be too scared and end up acting rashly, so he immediately added, “If you do anything and those people notice, they might think we’re trying to leave this place. That could cause them to make a move on us. You should know what I mean…”

Rudy nodded, “I understand!”

Even though Jackie did not spell things out for him directly, Rudy still knew how serious the problem was.

Since Mr. Zayne said everything he did without any reservations, it meant that Zayne was not afraid of anything Rudy could do at all. He probably even felt like Rudy being too afraid and wanting to run away would be in his scope of control.

That was because they would not be able to run at all. The moment anyone noticed that they had any intentions of running away, those intentions would probably be ripped out at their roots.

Rudy smiled bitterly as he said, “If I knew this would happen, I would never have asked to take part in the alliance’s test. Then none of this nonsense would have happened to me.”

Jackie sighed and said, “It’s already too late to say that. What we need to do now is to keep to ourselves and do what we should. As for everything else, we would wait for the right opportunity to present itself before we do anything.”

The moment he said that a knock was heard on the door. Lou’s voice could be heard, “Jackie, the stuff is here. Can I come in?”

Jackie glanced at Rudy. Rudy nodded before standing up and leaving. The Green Sun Pill was not a big matter to Jackie. After two days, Jackie handed in the task and got three thousand and nine hundred spirit crystals.

On top of the five thousand he had won,

Jackie had managed to get eight thousand and nine hundred spirit crystals in just a few short days. It was quite an impressive sum for a sixth-grade alchemist.

However, that amount was nothing compared to Jackie’s goal. That was why Jackie put his full focus on the task hall for the next half a month.

He would walk around the task hall every day to see if there were any suitable tasks. As long as Jackie liked the task, he would accept it without hesitation.

He was also frequently seen in the Hall of Wishes. He needed his body to catch up with his memories, so he needed constant training. Time seemed to pass by very quickly for Jackie.

Ever since the Elder Hall, Jackie had never seen Harold. Jackie had initially thought that Harold would not relent after being dealt such a huge impact, and would constantly harass Jackie.


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