No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2560

Rudy took a deep breath and said, “Ever since Grayson bid us farewell and headed to his courtyard, I haven’t seen him at all.

“I don’t know anyone here other than you and him, so I felt like looking for him when I was free. However, he did not seem to be there every time I went over. I asked the person who is staying in the same courtyard as him, but the guy claims to have never met Grayson.”

Jackie said curiously, “He never met Grayson? Do you mean Grayson is missing? He went missing in Phoenix Valley?”

Rudy nodded seriously, “I felt like something was wrong, so I found the time to look for Mr. Zayne. However, what made it stranger was that Mr. Zayne told me to mind my own business.

“He told me that you and I were safe. He said to not ask about anything else and to not think about it either. After that, he sent me back.”

Saying that Rudy had a sour look on his face. It was evident how scared he was from his expression. Jackie’s eyebrows furrowed even further.

The two of them knew that Grayson’s disappearance is not something as simple as that.

Otherwise, Mr. Zayne would not have said what he did. Jackie took a deep breath as he pushed open the door to his room. After that, he waved at Rudy to come in and talk.

When the two of them went inside, Jackie poured Rudy a cup of tea. Sipping the tea, Rudy managed to regain some of his composure.

“That’s one of the reasons I insisted on following you around. I’m not an idiot, I know you don’t want me around you. I’m just afraid. I’m worried that something might happen to me at any time if I don’t follow you.

“Mr. Zayne was very direct when he said everything. When he talked to me, he had a strange expression. Those words seemed to have been meant to threaten me. He doesn’t want me meddling.”

Jackie nodded as he drank a mouthful of tea. Ever since they entered Phoenix Valley, Jackie had forgotten all about Grayson. After all, Jackie was someone with big ambitions.

He had never been someone to hold petty grudges. Even though Grayson had infuriated Jackie before, Jackie lost the urge to do anything to Grayson as time passed.

He never expected such a sinister plot to be involved when he next heard that name. Jackie took a deep breath as he started to have a worried expression as well.

Jackie had always been someone who held back from showing his emotions, but after hearing Rudy’s words, it was hard for him

to control his expressions.

“So you’re telling me that he’s never been. seen after he left for his own courtyard. Either he’s completely lost, or he was captured by someone.”

Rudy nodded seriously. It really did happen that way. Ever since Grayson bid them farewell, Grayson seemed to completely disappear from Phoenix Valley.

“This has to have been done by Phoenix Valley, but why would they kidnap Grayson and even threaten me…”

Jackie took a deep breath as his mind raced. After thinking about it for a while, he said, “He was kidnapped in broad daylight. We don’t know what his situation is like right now. What he really needs to know isn’t where he is, but why he was taken.

“Even though Mr. Zayne sounded nice when he said the two of us were safe, it did not mean that things were as safe as Mr. Zayne claimed. He probably just said that to placate us. “


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