No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2559

Those words served as a reminder to everyone present, and also managed to quiet down everyone that was there. Then did they remember the bet Harold had with Jackie.

If Jackie managed to get into the top fifty, Harold would have to give Jackie five thousand spirit crystals. When the two of them placed that bet, no one believed in Jackie.

They had thought that Jackie was a mindless idiot.

Now it looked like Jackie was merely confident in his own skills.

Since he had those skills, it was natural for him to place that bet. Harold’s face suddenly paled, and his expression started to sink.

He looked at Jackie with a complicated expression.

When Jackie saw that Harold was not reacting, he raised his voice, “Are you planning on not paying up? Are you trying to void the bet? It looks like we really should have made a soul contract just now, then you wouldn’t be able to regret things.”

Jackie’s words were a slap to Harold’s face.

Harold’s body shook in anger as he straightened his back, “Who said I wasn’t going to pay up? It’s only five thousand spirit crystals. It’s nothing to me!”

After he said that, he furiously retrieved five thousand spirit crystals from his storage and gave them to Jackie.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he calmly stored those spirit crystals into Mustard Seed.

Elder Eliot nodded as he said, “If you’re willing to place the bet, then you should be willing to accept your loss. That’s the way of a true man.”

Harold felt incredibly embarrassed and wanted nothing more than to smash his head into a pillar. Johnson hurriedly grabbed Harold’s arm as he whispered,

“Let’s go. Since the results are already out, there’s no reason to stay here. We still have to attend classes tomorrow.”

Harold sighed as he rubbed his chin, trying his best to suppress his complicated feelings.

After that, he bowed to Elder Eliot and said he was not feeling well and wanted to be excused to head back to rest.

Elder Eliot did not make things too difficult for him and merely waved Harold off. After Harold left, everyone else started to leave as well.

Jackie did not want to stay in the crowd either. After making sure that the reward would be sent to their courtyard, Jackie immediately left the Elder Hall.

The moment he returned, he arranged for Lou to collect his rewards. On the way back, Rudy had been quite depressed, Rudy merely followed behind Jackie with his head hung low.

Jackie did not say anything. He had merely

helped Rudy a little earlier as a casual gesture. After all, Jackie was not all that close to Rudy.

When he was about to enter his own room, Rudy suddenly shouted at Jackie, “Thank you for your help today, Jackie.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow. He had thought that Rudy would not express any gratitude to him. After all, Rudy was usually so prideful, but he suddenly turned humble. Jackie nodded without turning around, it was not a big gesture to him.

The only thing he wanted to do at that moment was to hurry back into his room. Once Lou came back with the rewards, he would start refining the Green Sun Pill.

Just as Jackie opened his door, Rudy once again shouted out, “Jackie, I didn’t plan on telling you this before, but after thinking about it, I feel like I have to.”

Rudy’s tone was very strange. There was a hint of anxiety in his sombreness. Jackie frowned as he turned to look at Rudy who still looked as depressed as he was before.

Jackie then furrowed his eyebrows and asked, “What is it?”


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