No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2558

He calmly started reading out the results to everyone present. Those with better results rejoiced in their heads. Those whose results were not good looked just like Harold earlier and were reminiscent of tomatoes.

The results were read from top to bottom.

At the start, Elder Eliot’s tone was still calm. The more he read, the more sour the look on his face became. When he read the last five people, he already had a frown on his face.

When it came to the last name, Elder Eliot reached out and put the parchment into his pocket. His tone was cold, “Who is Rudy Glasc?!”

When he asked that, Rudy was so scared his whole body shivered. He looked like a terrified rabbit. Jackie helplessly looked at Rudy next to him.

At that moment, Rudy felt like dying. If he were able to, he’d have dug a hole in the ground.

“Let me say this again! Who is Rudy Glasc?!” That should cause Rudy to be unable to hide. All he could do was retract his earlier thoughts.

He reluctantly raised his hand. When Rudy raised it, Elder Eliot let out a cold laugh.

“In all my years of invigilating tests, it’s the first time I’ve seen an alchemist scoring a zero. I see you have a six rank alchemist badge. You might have been tested before you came here.

“I don’t know who actually allowed you to pass the test to be a sixth-grade alchemist. If I find out who it is, I have to ask him how someone as clueless as you managed to become a sixth-grade alchemist!”

Those words deeply embarrassed Rudy. He really wanted to say something for himself at that moment, because he definitely did

not cheat on the test.

However, his results were plain for all to see. Anything he said would be useless. Elder Eliot did not care about all that.

“He scored a zero! Even I’m impressed.” With Elder Eliot’s words, everyone started to mock Rudy.

The first time, they had covered their mouths. When they saw that Elder Eliot did not stop them, they did not hold back.

“I remember he came with Jackie. I can’t believe their results are so different. I thought birds of the same feather flock together.”

“I heard that the two of them are newcomers. Newcomers normally don’t do very well but I have not seen anyone do this badly, he actually got a zero!”

“Of the pill runes he condensed, he did not even get a single one right. That’s hilarious. He actually dared to participate in a test

with his level. Isn’t he afraid of getting laughed at?”

Rudy’s head lowered more and more at those words. The fire of anger started to roar in his head. His fists were clenched tightly as he swore to regain his dignity. He would make sure that everyone present would no longer dare to underestimate him.

Jackie looked at Elder Eliot and saw that Elder Eliot did not plan on saying anything, so he said, “Elder Eliot, you’re right. It’s not good to have such horrible results. However, he came with me. He just became a sixth-grade alchemist. Being able to condense a pill rune of fifty percent refinement is already the best he can do.”

After saying that, Jackie said, “That’s right since the results are out, can you pay up for the bet, Harold?”


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