No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2557

“You keep saying that Jackie cheated, so tell me how he cheated? How is he supposed to cheat to end up with eighty percent of the pill runes?”

Those words successfully caused Harold to pale. Elder Eliot’s questions made sense. Since Harold felt like Jackie was cheating, then he should tell everyone how he cheated.

Those tests were focused on testing actual skills. There was no way to cheat unless Jackie gave his condensing card to someone else.

However, everyone could clearly see that Jackie had not handed his condensing card to anyone else. Everyone could be a witness to that.

Harold looked like a tomato at that moment. He could not refute Elder Eliot’s words at all, nor did he know what to say.

However, he still refused to believe what had happened. He was not even willing to look at Jackie, afraid that Jackie would mock him. That would be too heavy of a blow to take.

Johnson reached out to grab Harold’s arm. “Harold… His results must be right. It’s fine, there’s no reason to continue talking about it.”

Johnson’s words caused Harold to slowly calm down. However, his face was still pale. Elder Eliot sighed helplessly as he handed the parchment to Harold so Harold could take a look.

Harold shakily reached his hand out and accepted the scroll. Jackie’s results suddenly appeared in front of him. Jackie was in fifth place with his results written there.

Each of the pill runes had achieved a sixty percent refinement. It was exactly like Elder Eliot had said, Jackie had completed eighty percent of them. Not one more or one less.

Thankfully, Harold still had his wits about him. Otherwise, he would have let it slip that he wanted to look at the condensing card that Jackie had just used. If he had done that, he would probably have invited Elder Eliot’s anger.

He spat out in resignation as he looked down at his own results. His results were not the greatest this time. He was placed tenth and not many of his pill runes had qualified.

The other pill runes were not at sixty percent refinement at all. The two of them were clearly on different levels. When he saw that, Harold suddenly let out a laugh. His laughter stunned everyone present.

Everyone shot him a strange look. Harold was actually able to laugh at that time. What was he laughing about?

When they looked at Harold laughing, they immediately saw that Harold’s laugh did

not reach his eyes at all. He was not actually laughing. He had just lost control of himself.

“This is too funny! It’s way too funny!” Harold could not help but mumble to himself.

From the moment Elder Eliot had entered the hall, he had thought of asking about his results before asking for Jackies. That way, he would let Jackie know the difference between them.

Yet, the end result was that there really was a difference between the two of them, but it was the complete opposite! Elder Eliot knew that Harold’s emotions were incredibly complicated at that moment.

Yet, time was still ticking. They could not delay things just because of Harold. Elder Eliot reached out and grabbed the parchment from Harold’s hand.


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