No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2556

How could Jackie be so talented? He had never even attended a single class and still managed to achieve such results. That kid really was something else.

No wonder he managed to keep his head up high no matter what Harold said. He actually had the skills to back it up!

Harold’s breathing started to get erratic at that. His whole face reddened and his hands started to shake as he said, “Impossible! How could he manage to finish eighty percent?! He doesn’t have that ability! He absolutely doesn’t have that ability. I guarantee that he doesn’t!”

Those words were all practically shouted by Harold. At that moment, Harold could no longer keep his composure, and everything he said seemed crazed.

Elder Eliot frowned and said, “Keep your composure. If you keep on acting this way,

I’ll throw you straight to the disciplinary elder. Then you’ll learn what behaving yourself means!”

Those words successfully woke Harold up. He knew that he was too emotional, but he could not stand it. He could not believe that Jackie was actually talented enough to beat him!

Elder Eliot coldly laughed, “Why wouldn’t he be able to do this? Why would he not have the talent? How much do you know about him to dare make that judgment?”

At that moment, Harold’s face was absolutely red. His face had a crazed expression on it. He could not accept Jackie’s results. He could not accept that Jackie was better than him. Before that, he had been certain that his talents and abilities were far better than Jackies.

Jackie was only able to be so arrogant because Jackie was ignorant. That ignorance caused him to not know his limits. Yet, reality proved that his thoughts had all been false.

He was not as good as Jackie. Jackie had been so arrogant because Jackie had known what he was capable of. That large change could not be accepted by Harold.

He had always been the one who was put on the pedestal. He had always been praised by everyone. Johnson knew that Harold could not accept the fact at that moment, but Johnson had no idea what to say to Harold.

Even Johnson could not accept the reality.

Harold’s hands were shaking when he said, “He must have cheated! This must be from cheating. If he hadn’t cheated, there’s no way he would have gotten this result. He’s clearly a newcomer.

“He had never even attended a single one of your classes. Those new pill runes had

probably never even been seen by him before. If that’s the case, how could he finish eighty percent of them? Everything is fake. He’s absolutely cheating!”

Harold sounded incredibly crazy. He wanted to tell everyone present that Jackie had absolutely gotten those results from some form of cheating. Jackie was not as talented as himself!

Elder Eliot sighed in exasperation. As he returned to the hall earlier, he had also anticipated the fact that the results would not be accepted so easily. However, he had not expected Harold to act so crazily.

Harold was trying to say anything to prove that Jackie was not any better than him. If that had happened to any other elder, they might have consoled Harold. After all, Harold was a rare master, but Elder Eliot did not have that in mind at all.

He frowned as he said, “Stop trying to lie to yourself. Everyone here knows that it’s

impossible to cheat on that test earlier. The test is about condensing pill runes. Every single thing you do in that test is down to your own abilities.”


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