No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2555

All he wanted to do was for both of their results to be announced. Then he would throw his results at Jackie so Jackie would stop being so arrogant. That way, he would be able to vent out his frustrations.

Yet, Elder Eliot seemed so hesitant, which caused Harold to lose his patience. He could not help but say, “Elder Eliot, how are my results?”

After thinking about it, Harold felt like asking about Jackie’s results would seem a little forceful.

It was better to ask about his results first before trying to prod at Jackie’s results. That way, Jackie would be able to feel the difference between the two of them.

Elder Eliot raised an eyebrow, picking up the parchment before he said, “There’s nothing too special about your results this time, but you still remain in the top ten.

You’re in tenth place.

“You managed to finish sixty percent of the pill runes, but out of the sixty percent, eight out of ten of them were not at the sixty percent refinement mark. Honestly, I’m not happy with your results!”

As he said that, Elder Eliot looked at Harold unhappily. Harold’s lips froze as his body could not help but sway. He knew that his results this time were not the best.

It was mainly because he had not been in the best mood.

The moment he calmed down, he would immediately think about how disrespectful Jackie was.

Those harsh words kept attacking him, causing him to find himself unable to calm down.

It was natural that he could not get good results with a frustrated mindset. Harold’s face was a little pale. Even though he did not have results that were as good as he wanted, it should still be much better than Jackie.

Thinking about that, he immediately turned around and looked at Jackie with a challenging expression again. When Jackie felt Harold’s gaze, Jackie’s lips twitched slightly.

He really wanted to rush in front of Harold and tell Harold to stop with those petty actions.

He wanted nothing more than to just quietly wait for the results.

Harold’s sudden turn of the head had been seen by Elder Eliot as well. Naturally, Elder Eliot was not thrilled.

“You have no right to try and show off in front of Jackie because his results were better than yours. He got the fifth place!”

The moment Elder Eliot said that the entire field was shocked.

Everyone widened their eyes, thinking that they had misheard. Jackie had gotten fifth place? Was that true?

Surely they were hallucinating, right? Otherwise, how could they have heard such an absurd result?! The one who questioned it immediately was none other than Harold.

He shouted out, “Elder Eliot, what did you say? Jackie is in fifth place?”

Elder Eliot had already expected that to happen. He did not hesitate to nod and replied, “Jackie managed to finish eighty percent of the pill runes. All of those runes were at sixty percent refinement.”

Elder Eliot announced all that with a serious expression, so there was naturally no room for doubt. However, despite that, everyone could not help but be filled with disbelief.


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