No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2554

Jackie took a deep breath and looked at Johnson as if he was looking at an idiot. “You don’t know me at all, so how are you so sure that I could only answer one-fifth of the questions?”

Johnson snorted coldly as he said in an arrogant tone, “You come from Heavenly Pills. How could that small place cultivate any masters? Phoenix Valley gathered so many alchemic masters together, where could you possibly place among us?

“I was looking at you favorably by saying you can condense one-fifth of the runes. After all, only one-fifth of the runes on the card were more commonly seen runes. The rest of the runes were all incredibly rare. Only a seventh-grade alchemist would be able to fill in ninety percent of them!”

Jackie let out a laugh before he said, “If I really felt that I would lose, I would never have placed the bet with Harold. It’s better if you just shut up…

Before Jackie could finish, he was interrupted by Johnson again, “It looks like you’re still stuck being clueless. Do you think you can really get into the top fifty with those skills you have? How funny!”

Harold said from behind Johnson, “There are a hundred and eighty people in the test this time. There are only over two hundred alchemists in the whole of Phoenix Valley.

“Almost everyone is present here today. Do you really think you can outshine all these masters and become someone in the top fifty?”

Jackie took a deep breath, really wanting to stuff his ears. That way, he would not need to talk to the two of them, but the two of them seemed unwilling to give up.

He knew that if he did not say anything

back to them, they would only get worse.

Jackie sighed as he stood up, faced Johnson, and said, “Can you stop making judgments on others with that pea brain of yours?”

His attitude made Harold and Johnson feel like Jackie was just trying to be stubborn. Others also felt like Jackie was only saying all that because the words he had said earlier had forced him to.

Some people could not help but say loudly, “I refuse to believe that you didn’t think the test was hard. Why are you still pretending?”

“You’d better just prepare five thousand spirit crystals right now. If you can’t produce them later, Elder Eliot won’t let you off,”

“That’s right Jackie. Can’t you just admit that you were being reckless? If you weren’t so impulsive, you wouldn’t need to pay such a heavy price…”

Just as everyone was talking among themselves, Elder Eliot walked back into the hall with the results in hand. As he walked, he looked toward them.

At that moment, Elder Eliot had a strange expression on his face. His gaze lingered on Jackie for a long time, but after that, he averted it.

The fact that Elder Eliot was already back meant that they could no longer continue pestering Jackie. Johnson frowned as he shot a meaningful look at Jackie. After that, he turned around and went back to his original spot.

Elder Eliot stood at the center with a piece of parchment in hand. On it was everyone’s results. Elder Eliot started to read the scroll in front of everyone.

He stared at every single name. He opened his mouth and tried to read it out, but started to hesitate. Everyone looked at Elder Eliot anxiously, wanting nothing more than

to be able to look at the scroll to see the results.

Harold suddenly felt a bit nervous when he saw Elder Eliot’s conflicted demeanor. After all, Jackie remained standing tall as ever. Whenever he talked to Jackie, it felt like Jackie did not regard him as anyone important at all, which caused Harold to be incredibly frustrated.


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