No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2553

“Who knows what Elder Eliot is thinking. We all know how he is. Just think about those pill runes on the card earlier. Eighty percent of them were pill runes that we normally wouldn’t use at all.

“They were complicated runes that only seventh-grade alchemists use. I’ve never even seen them before, let alone be able to fill it up.”

“My results will be horrible this time, I don’t even have to think about it. I just don’t know if there’s anyone who’ll do worse than me. It would be humiliating if I end up being called out alone to be scolded!”

“Being scolded would be letting you off easy. Don’t forget how Elder Eliot is. If the results are especially bad, he’ll just pull you out and berate and punish you publicly. You won’t just need to be fined spirit crystals,you’ll even be forced to stand in a corner facing the wall!”

All those words were naturally heard by Rudy. After hearing what everyone had to say, Rudy felt incredibly bad. He was going green with regret. He should not have participated in the test.

He had never attended a single class and had only just become a sixth-grade alchemist. He did not have the chance to practice condensing nine hundred pill runes for that long, but his limits were already being tested.

Even though the condensing card had nine hundred pill runes as well, only a fifth of those pill runes was the easier sort. He was not able to do anything about the rest of them.

The more Rudy thought about it, the more frustrated he got. He scratched his ears, wanting nothing more than to just leave right then. Yet, he was worried that the situation would get a lot worse if Elder Eliot came back and realized that he was no longer there.

What could have been just a scolding might turn into a punishment several times worse. That was what he did not want to happen. He really wanted to talk to Jackie, but looking at Jackie’s calm expression, his mood soured. He no longer wanted to say anything.

“You really surprised me.” Harold’s voice was heard in the front. Jackie frowned, he had been resting and not wanting to say anything, but Harold still insisted on being an annoying fly, constantly circling around him and not leaving.

Jackie did not feel like talking to him at all. He merely opened his eyes and said, “Can you stop being so annoying? We’ve already set our bet. You’ll know everything when the results are out. Would it kill you to shut your mouth?”

At Jackie’s abrasive tone, Harold was stunned. He had thought that Jackie would have realized his shortcomings after how hard the condensing cards were and stopped showing off in front of him.

Yet, he never expected that Jackie would not be affected by it and remain as obstinate as ever. Each word Jackie spoke seemed to be intent on stuffing his mouth.

Johnson suddenly stood up from the mat and shouted, “Jackie! I can’t stand the sight of you anymore! Do you insist on carrying on this farce?! Don’t think we don’t know who you actually are.

“You’re just a useless brat from the countryside. What have you seen before? Do you think your talent is good enough to brag in front of all of us? Let me tell you, you’re completely wrong!”

Jackie’s lips started to twitch hopelessly. Sure enough, these flies kept on rendering him speechless and helpless.

Jackie raised his eyebrow and replied, “Could you and Harold just shut up? Will you die if you just wait for a short while?”

Johnson was shaking in anger. He quickly walked in front of Jackie. “Do you really think you can win? Don’t you know how hard the condensing card is? If you can even answer a fifth of it, you’d be quite good!”


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