No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2552

There were no proper masters there at all. Jackie had probably been the best among them and was naturally respected. Even after going to Phoenix Valley, he still felt like he was better than everyone else. That was why Jackie dared to say all of that to Harold and even dared to make the bet.

With those thoughts in mind, Harold’s lips twitched as he felt even more sure about things. Harold clearly knew Jackie was that kind of person, so it was pointless for Harold to keep focusing on Jackie.

Jackie would definitely lose! Knowing that fact, Harold looked away and started to answer in earnest.

Time slowly ticked away. All that could be heard were people breathing. As they neared the end of the test, Rudy had already thoroughly given up all hope.

He had only been able to answer twenty

percent of the condensing card, and he could not even guarantee that the ones he did answer were at sixty percent refinement. Rudy felt like he was in an incredibly hopeless situation.

He deeply regretted following Jackie into the Elder Hall. He was already imagining what it would be like being called up alone to be berated by Elder Eliot after the results were out. He would be humiliated in front of everyone.

However, it was already too late for regrets.. There was no way for him to withdraw anymore.

After being stunned for a long time, he could not help but look up at Jackie. All he saw was Jackie with his chest puffed up and head held high. Jackie held the condensing card in his hand as if he had completed all of the pill runes on the card.

At that moment, Rudy wondered how confident Jackie was in his results. He did not have Jackie’s courage, nor did he have Jackie’s talent and ability, but he could not believe that Jackie could actually get into the top fifty.

If he managed to get into the top fifty without even attending a single class, Rudy would definitely be dealt a heavy blow. Rudy had planned on talking to Jackie after the test was over, but he could not hold back when he looked at Jackie’s calm expression.

Rudy whispered, “Jackie, are you done?”

Jackie nodded without turning around. Rudy felt odd when he saw Jackie’s calm nod, so he continued asking, “How do you think your results are? Can you get into the top fifty?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow. He knew that Rudy asked that because Rudy did not believe he was capable of it. He turned and glanced at Rudy,

He whispered back, “I told you before, if I really wasn’t confident, then I wouldn’t have made the bet.”

Rudy could not help but take a deep breath after hearing that. At that moment, Rudy had a lot he wanted to say, but he did not know how to voice out any of his words.

Time slowly ticked away, and the test finally ended in silence. Elder Eliot calmly walked out from behind, gathering the condensing cards one by one.

The condensing cards would only need a short time to determine everyone’s results. After gathering everything, Elder Eliot did not waste a second before leaving the Elder Hall to determine the results.

Without the elder around, the hall became much livelier. However, everyone had incredibly serious expressions at that moment. Complaints and moans filled the room.

“I don’t know what Elder Eliot is thinking. Why is this test so many times harder?! Does he just want to see all of us fail?”


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