No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2551

In his mind, Jackie would definitely lose. He had glanced at the condensing card earlier. There were some pill runes that even he might not be able to fill up.

Elder Eliot had mentioned before as well that the pill runes that were filled up needed to be at sixty percent refinement.

A refinement rate of fifty percent was required for the pill runes to be considered successful. That was because only fifty percent refinement would be able to bring out the medicinal properties of the pills.

Without fifty percent refinement, a pill rune would be considered a failure.

Sixty percent refinement would mean that the quality of the pill would be a level higher,

A pill of sixty percent refinement rate

would fetch a higher price than a pill of fifty percent refinement rate. That was because a higher refinement rate meant a higher quality pill. That was something everyone knew.

With that in mind, Harold shook his head helplessly. Elder Eliot was getting crazier and crazier. There were a total of nine hundred and twenty runes on the condensing card. Of those present, it was probably that the number of them who would be able to fill up more than half of the pill runes could be counted with one hand.

Even he did not know if he would be able to do it. Thinking of that, he could not help but glance over at Jackie. Jackie was already putting all his focus into condensing the pill runes with a furrowed eyebrow.

Jackie still looked confident as ever, which frustrated Harold even more. He felt like that guy was really good at acting. It was impossible to tell what was on Jackie’s mind.

Johnson was sitting right behind Harold. When he saw Harold looking back at Jackie, he could not help but whisper, “Harold, what are you looking at him for? He’ll definitely lose. I think he won’t even be able to condense ten of the runes. After all, Elder Eliot said that we needed to have a sixty percent refinement rate.

“Haven’t we looked into this guy before? He came from a small place, so what can he possibly do? You don’t have to worry about him at all.”

When Harold heard that, he felt like it was quite reasonable. Jackie came from Heavenly Pills. Heavenly Pills was part of the Rosefinch Pavilion’s territory. To them, it really was a small place.

Harold came from the inner region. That was where the strong fighters came from. Many masters spawned in the inner region, and the outer region was basically I the countryside to them.

Harold narrowed his eyes and said, “I just feel like this guy is way too good at acting. Even now, he still manages to look like everything is within his control. It’s so funny and annoying at the same time.”

Johnson snorted, “He’s just afraid of embarrassing himself. After all, he’s probably never even seen half of the runes before, let alone be able to patch them up to a sixty percent refinement!”

Harold nodded. Johnson continued with a smile, “There isn’t much talent where this guy came from at all. The fact that he’s able to become a sixth-grade alchemist naturally means he must have some talent.

“However, that talent means nothing to us. He must have loved to show off among all those talentless bumpkins before this.

“He was probably praised so much that he doesn’t know his place. Even here, he still

thinks he can beat everyone. That’s probably why he acted so arrogantly.”

Harold nodded, feeling like Johnson’s words were very reasonable. He thought that way as well. Jackie acted the way he did because the place he came from had been far too impoverished.


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