No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2550

He bitterly looked up at his surroundings and his gaze landed on Jackie. He stared at Jackie with a pleading expression and said “I’m really done for now! I’ll definitely be punished. Do you think I can cheat?”

Rudy had started to panic and started to blurt everything out. Jackie’s lips twitched as he frowned and replied, “If you want to cheat, you’ll have to be able to cheat in the first place. Who’s going to help you cheat, and how will you cheat?”

Jackie’s words seemed to cool down the panic in Rudy’s mind a little. Jackie was right, there was no way to cheat on a test like that.

Even if he wanted to draw the runes following pictures, he would first need to know which book the runes came from. He could not copy them even if he wanted to!

Thinking about that, Rudy’s lips twitched as he almost cried. Just as Jackie wanted to give him a word of advice, a sharp gaze suddenly shot over from the front.

Jackie looked up to see Harold looking at him with a competitive expression. Even if Harold did not say anything, Jackie knew what the guy wanted to say.

The topic this time was far harder than before. Harold felt like Jackie would immediately know he would lose the moment he saw the pill runes. That was why Harold shot a challenging look over.

Jackie smiled softly, not wanting to bother Harold at that moment. Even if Harold decided to bark like a dog, he would have ignored it then as well. After all, he had not entered the Elder Hall to argue with Harold.

He averted his gaze and put his focus on the condensing card in front of him. The card

was a problem that would normally baffle anyone else.

However, it was not difficult for Jackie at all. With the great master’s memories, the Way of the Divine Void Pill was already carved into his mind. What he lacked was just refinement.

For his body to fully catch up with his mind would require a lot of training. However, condensing one or two pill runes was something incredibly easy for Jackie.

Even if he made a mistake or two, it would not be too big of a problem. After all, the condensing card was not an alchemic pill. They were allowed to make mistakes. As long as the pill aura around him was dense enough, he could do it a second time.

After pulling his focus away from everything else, Jackie’s hands started to constantly move as pill aura danced around his fingertips.

He moved the pill aura around to draw on

the incomplete pill runes. The test this time was actually simple. Elder Elite would give the upper part, and all the test takers needed to complete the bottom part.

However, actually doing it was several times harder. That was because over eighty percent of the pill runes Elder Eliot had given them were things they never used or even never seen before.

When the test was ongoing, everyone had their full focus. No one dared to treat it lightly at all. With the added difficulty, they had already lost a lot of confidence in themselves.

They knew that the last few places in the test would be singled out to be lectured by Elder Eliot. They would be punished as well and it was incredibly humiliating.

No one wanted to end up like that, so they put their full effort into the test. Harold had spat out some air after Jackie averted his gaze, and his expression mellowed out a little.


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