No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2549

It could not only store completed pill runes, but it could also completely preserve incomplete ones. Jackie looked at the condensing card. It was about half a meter long.

There were nine hundred and twenty pill runes on it, but all of the pill runes were incomplete. Those incomplete pill runes looked like a fill-in-the-blank exercise.

Elder Eliot had filled in the upper part, and they needed to fill in the bottom part.

Nine hundred pill runes were nothing much to Jackie and the others. After all, each sixthgrade alchemist needed to condense eight hundred pill runes at least to be able to advance. Even Rudy was able to condense nine hundred of them.

When Rudy got the pill card, he was still quite calm. The moment he pulled it up, he widened his eyes as his face paled. Jackie

glanced at Rudy and knew that Rudy was completely out of his depth.

Even though they only needed to fill in nine hundred pill runes, those pill runes were no ordinary runes. Those pill runes were all incredibly complicated.

Sixth-grade pills would never use those complicated pill runes. The test was throwing them incredibly hard questions. Without enough knowledge, even for fresh sixth-grade alchemists, it was impossible to recognize the runes on the condensing card.

No wonder everyone thought Elder Eliot’s tests were not to be messed around with. The contents of the test were quite twisted. Jackie even saw some pill runes that were needed for eighth-rank pills.

Those pill runes were at least twice as complicated than the pill runes sixth-grade alchemists usually needed. Jackie looked up at everyone and saw that no one had a relaxed expression.

There were even some who were pulling their ears bitterly. Elder Eliot stood in front with a warm smile on his face, looking at everyone kindly.

It was the first time Elder Eliot had such a warm smile after he entered the Elder Hall, but it only gave everyone goosebumps.

Jackie felt his lips twitching. The test this time was far more difficult than any test he had gone through before. There were some who even started to curse.

Even if they cursed softly, the quiet atmosphere meant that Jackie heard it very clearly.

“Ah! I don’t recognize almost half of it, how am I supposed to fill them up? Is Elder Eliot doing this on purpose to us?”

“This test seems several times more difficult than usual. Look at these pill runes.

Most of them are runes needed for seventh grade pills. Simple pill runes take up less than a fifth of it!”

“What do I do? I don’t know any?!”

“Just because you don’t know, it doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t. We’re all at different levels. If you don’t then too bad, you’ll probably be scolded!”

“I don’t want to be scolded. Elder Eliot’s mouth is not something I ever want to face. It’s one thing to just be scolded, doing too badly will even end up with us being punished!”

Jackie was not the only one who heard that, Rudy had as well. When he heard that there would be scoldings or punishments for doing badly in the test, Rudy completely panicked.


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