No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2548

The test had still not started, but the atmosphere was already incredibly tense. After the two of them set the bet, everyone started to get incredibly excited. There were discussions everywhere. Where did Jackie get his courage from?

They even started to question where Jackie was from. Yet, there were no answers to be found anywhere. After all, Jackie had not been in Middle Province for that long, the only person who knew Jackie there was Rudy.

Yet, Rudy’s thoughts were completely on Jackie. He really wanted to know why Jackie was so confident. Jackie knew of Harold’s talent and skill but still dared to take the risk and even make a bet.

If he had been in Jackie’s place, he would not have dared to do anything. Rudy whispered, “What happens if you lose later? I’m not saying you will lose, I’m just curious. Don’t you think that you’ll lose at all?”

He could imagine what would happen if Jackie lost. Not only would Jackie have to pay five thousand spirit crystals, but Jackie would also be mocked by everyone. He would definitely be publicly humiliated.

There was also Jackie’s conflict with Harold. If Jackie lost, Harold’s insults at Jackie would definitely get worse. Harold would also end up doing even worse things, so Rudy could not really calm down.

Jackie looked up at Rudy. He still remained calm, as if nothing was happening.

“I’ve never felt like I would lose.” He said that incredibly casually.

When Rudy heard that, his lips twitched. He did not know if he should admire Jackie’s confidence or suspect that there was something wrong with Jackie’s head.

After a moment, Rudy finally said seriously,

“I feel like you should be prepared for anything. If you’re overconfident, you might fall down heavily.”

Jackie could not help but let out a slight smile when he heard that. He did not answer Rudy. There were some things that he understood best himself.

If he did not know about his own abilities and had just done all of those crazy-looking things, he would end up with misfortune. Jackie knew of his abilities well enough.

Others thought he was crazy, but Jackie was merely trying to get the most out of his own skills. If Rudy heard what Jackie was thinking, he would probably not understand and think there was something wrong with Jackie’s head.

That was why Jackie remained silent, not saying anything. After a while passed, Elder Eliot rasped his hand lightly on the table, gaining everyone’s attention.

Elder Eliot passed out the condensing card

in his hand. “These condensing cards have pill runes that I left behind. However, these pill runes aren’t complete. What you need to do is fill out these incomplete pill runes.

“You need to complete the runes, and also make sure that the refinement rate is at least sixty percent.”

Other than Jackie and Rudy, everyone else the had taken part in Elder Eliot’s tests before. They were already familiar with how the tests were going to be. However, Jackie did not panic at all when he got the condensing card.

Lou had already told them about condensing cards in detail. Condensing cards were a special little array. There was only one use for them, which was to store pill runes temporarily.

After condensing pill runes, attaching them to condensing cards required no true energy. They would be able to store the pill runes for two days.


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