No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2546

Even though Elder Eliot had a fiery temper, he knew very well that if he did not stop the two of them from signing the contract, he would definitely be blamed by the other elders.

After all, it had to do with life and death. The death of one of them would be a loss to the Phoenix Valley.

However, Elder Eliot was no ordinary elder. Even though he would not let the two of them sign a contract, it did not mean he would just let it slide.

“Since the two of you are so hotblooded and insistent on a bet, then I’ll grant your wish. How about this? I’ll be your witness. You won’t have to sign any soul contracts.

“As long as someone loses and refuses to pay, I’ll make that person regret it,” Elder Eliot said.

Jackie forcefully pursed his lips to stop his happiness from showing on his face. Elder Elliot seemed to be willing to participate in this. However, Elder Eliot’s actions were precisely what he wanted.

A soul contract needed a lot of time, so having Elder Eliot be the witness was much more efficient. If anyone wanted to run away from the bet, Elder Eliot would not let them off.

With that in mind, Jackie nodded, “Thank you, Elder Eliot.”

The moment he said that the hall erupted in commotion again. They had thought that Elder Eliot’s arrival would have caused everyone to suppress all their excitement. Yet, with Elder Eliot’s actions, they could no longer hold back.

“The brat looks really confident. Do you think he has the skills?”

“The two of them actually bet five thousand spirit crystals, but they still haven’t talked

about how the loser is determined.”

“Are you dreaming? Didn’t that guy say earlier? He would definitely be in the top fifty and get two portions of sixth-grade pill materials.”

Possibly reminded by those around him, Harold realized that they had not actually discussed the terms of the bet.

Harold turned around and said seriously, “Let’s talk about the terms of the bet.”

Jackie nodded as he said calmly, “The bet is simple. I will be in the top fifty on the test and get two portions of sixth-grade pill materials.

“If I manage to do that, you have to give me five thousand spirit crystals. If I fail to do it, then I have to give you the spirit crystals.”

Jackie defined the bet word by word so that no one would mishear it. The more Jackie acted like that, the more disdain Harold felt in his heart. He felt like Jackie was a complete idiot.

Jackie dared to set a bet like that against Harold purely because Jackie was ignorant. He did not know the depth of Phoenix Valley.

Everyone there was a master. Being in the top fifty among masters was not an easy matter. Even he had gotten to where he was step by step.

With that in mind, Harold’s smile deepened, “You’d better prepare your spirit crystals. You have to give them to me on the spot or I won’t let you leave!”

Jackie nodded in a calm tone, “You’re right. If the results are out, then the loser has to pay up. You should prepare five thousand spirit crystals too.”

Harold had been in a much better mood after the bet was set. After all, he did not think he could lose at all. Yet, Jackie’s words made him feel like Jackie was not willing to give an inch, and was adamant about beating him.

It soured Harold’s mood again. He looked at Jackie hatefully. He had never hated a person as much as Jackie.


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