No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2545

“It’s true that I’ve never attended any of your classes, but that’s because I just arrived at Phoenix Valley. I’d naturally never had the time to attend your classes. I came because I heard there would be a reward after the test.”

Jackie was quick with his words. He did not want Elder Eliot to be fixated on the other matter anymore. After all, if they ended up arguing again, there would be no purpose. other than to waste time.

Harold’s actions had all been clearly remembered by Jackie. If he got the chance, he would make sure Harold knew the price of messing with him.

Elder Eliot raised an eyebrow as he looked at Jackie with interest, “So you came to the test for the reward?”

Jackie nodded fearlessly. When Rudy saw that, his lips started to twitch, not knowing

what to say.

With those words, everyone would definitely laugh at Jackie if Jackie failed. Yet, Jackie was incredibly confident, as if it would never happen.

Harold let out a cold laugh, “You really are confident. You’re just a newcomer. It’s the first time you’ve met Elder Eliot. You don’t even know what the test will be about. You dare say you can get the reward? Who gave you the courage to brag like that?”

Jackie looked at Harold calmly and said, “I gave myself that courage. If you’re not convinced, how about we make a five thousand spirit crystal bet?”

Jackie’s words suddenly caused the hall to erupt in discussions. They felt like Jackie was giving them more and more excitement.

They had all thought that the kid was just incredibly rude and brash, but now it looked like Jackie was overconfident as well. Jackie

was so overconfident it rendered them speechless. He actually wanted to make a bet against Harold.

Harold’s lips twitched, “Do you know what you’re saying? You want to make a bet against me for five thousand spirit crystals?”

Jackie nodded seriously. He needed spirit crystals so badly that he would take whatever he could get. If Harold was so adamant about making things difficult for him, he would take full advantage of it.

Jackie had wanted to bet ten thousand spirit crystals, but he felt like Harold might have fallen back if he set the price too high, so he settled on five thousand spirit crystals.

Five thousand spirit crystals were already no small number to Jackie. The task he had earlier would give him three thousand and nine hundred. Five thousand would be the equivalent of four Green Sun Pills.

Harold laughed as he looked at Jackie,

“You’re the most confident person I’ve ever met. Since you want to bet, I’ll do it!”

“There’s no point just talking about it. If you really want to make a bet against me, let’s sign a contract. If one side loses and doesn’t pay up, their souls will be ripped apart!”

There was no way to change the contract after signing it. Normally, fighters rarely signed contracts like that. After all, it involved their own lives.

The reason Harold had mentioned it was because he thought that Jackie could not possibly win. Elder Eliot frowned before slamming his palm into the desk.

“Shut up right now! Where do you think you are? You dare to talk about signing a soul contract? It involves your very souls. I won’t let you do whatever you want to!”


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