No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2544

It was said that Elder Eliot was incredibly strict. He never smiled at anyone and would berate anyone he was not happy with.

Harold’s face darkened slightly. Elder Eliot did not mention any names, but he knew very well that Elder Eliot had been referring to him.

After all, he had lost control back then. Harold tried his best to compose himself before he rushed to Elder Eliot and apologize sincerely, “Elder Eliot, please forgive me. I was just too angered by that kid just now and lost control. I will definitely make sure it won’t happen again.”

Elder Eliot frowned before he looked at Harold meaningfully. After that, he looked at Jackie. Jackie was incredibly quiet at that moment, and his face was calm as usual.

It was as if those words Harold had said earlier had nothing to do with him at all. Elder Eliot let out a cold laugh as he narrowed his eyes and said, “Why did the two of you fight?”

Those words meant that Elder Eliot wanted to look further into the matter to see who was right. It caused Jackie to be a little speechless.

Elder Eliot really was eccentric. He even wanted to interfere in the squabbles between students. Normally, elders would just ignore the situation if it did not go too far.

Harold happily replied, “You should be able to see that this kid is a newcomer. He’s been looking for trouble ever since he came here. He’s also very arrogant. I only asked him a few questions when he started to insult me.”

Jackie pursed his lips, speechless. Harold really knew how to stir things up. He had

not even wanted to bother with Harold. Harold was the one who came looking for a fight. Yet, he made it seem like Jackie was the one who wanted a fight with him.

Elder Eliot frowned as he looked at Jackie somewhat unhappily. Graham took the opportunity to explain even more.

“He’s a newcomer. He’s never even attended a single one of your classes. He doesn’t know a thing about the test today, so he’s clearly here to look for a scolding. I tried to warn him out of kindness, but he…”

He stopped after saying that, but he had an expression on his face like he had been wronged. Jackie had to praise Harold’s acting skills.

Harold had been the one who was picking a fight, everyone present had seen that, but the guy made it seem like it was not the case at all. He only cared about his own act and ignored what everyone else thought. Elder Eliot walked forward and said to Jackie, “It really is the first time I’ve seen you, do you admit to Harold’s words?”

Even though Elder Eliot did not say what was on his mind, Jackie could see that Elder Eliot was already somewhat on Harold’s side, and thought what Harold said was true.

Jackie said in exasperation, “Harold is full of lies and can’t be trusted. He’s trying to look for trouble with me because I refused to give him a task he insisted I give up to him in the task hall yesterday. That was where the conflict came from, and he’s refusing to let it go.”

Elder Eliot frowned when he heard that, not expecting the situation to get so complicated.

He had thought that he would be able to solve it with a few words.

Harold looked at Jackie furiously.

He had been about to speak when Jackie interrupted him.


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