No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2543

“Does this guy not know how talented Harold is?”

“He knows. Johnson even told him about Harold yesterday. Do you know what he said? He said that Harold knowing the Way of the Phoenix Pill had nothing to do with him…”

“Really?! That kid is so aggressive…’

“I feel like there are two possibilities. First, there’s something wrong with this guy’s brain. He’s not scared of being slaughtered at all. Ignorance is bliss. He probably doesn’t care who he’s facing. He will set his mouth on anyone who provokes him.

“The second possibility is that this kid is actually very skilled. He doesn’t think Harold is worth anything at all which is why he can act like this.”

“Is he skilled? I’ve never heard of him

before. He’s probably a newcomer to Phoenix Valley. Everyone who enters Phoenix Valley is somewhat talented.

“I think that he was probably at the peak of where he came from before this. That’s why he’s so arrogant that even coming to Phoenix Valley couldn’t shave off some of his pride. He probably thinks he can stand over everyone. He’s clearly an idiot!”

Most of them did not regard Jackie highly. After all, Jackie was a stranger and they did not know much about him. On top of that, Jackie’s words caused everyone to think that he was just a stubborn fool.

Various words were heard by Jackie, but Jackie did not care at all. People could say what they wanted to, it had nothing to do with him.

All he needed to do was to do well in the test at that moment. There was no need to say anything else. Harold was already panting in anger thanks to Jackie at that point. His whole body was shaking slightly.

He had already been furious the day before, and it somehow got worse. As far as words went, he did not seem to be able to beat Jackie. On top of that, Jackie’s disdainful tone made it seem like Jackie did not think much about him at all. It made Harold feel even more humiliated.

“You will pay the price! I’ll absolutely make you pay! You’ll wish you were dead!”

When Harold shouted those words, he did not bother controlling his volume at all. Harold was already completely irrational at that point.

In the past, although he was domineering and reckless, he still knew how to hold back. He would be somewhat careful with his words. Yet, at that point Harold had said words like making Jackie wish he was dead. It was obvious how furious Harold was.

Jackie had already heard words like that too many times that he had grown numb to it. It did not work on Jackie at all.

He looked up at Harold and mocked, “I’ve heard those words from I don’t know how many people at this point. It’s a pity that all of them are already dead…”

After that, a shout could be heard from the distance, “What’s with all the noise?! This is the Elder Hall, not some market for you to bicker in!”

The shout instantly silenced the whole hall. Everyone looked over toward the source of the noise and saw a white-robed old man with an angry look on his face.

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows and immediately straightened his body. There was no need to introduce that person. Jackie could tell that it was Elder Eliot.


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