No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2542

Jackie looked at Harold with an annoyed expression, feeling like he was more irritating than a fly. Before he came, he had wondered if he would bump into Harold.

However, Jackie would not let anyone disrupt his plans. After entering the hall, he had quickly found himself in a secluded spot but was still spotted by Johnson.

Jackie took a deep breath as he looked up at Harold and said, “Do you not have anything else to do other than causing trouble? Whether I take part in this test or not, does it have anything to do with you?”

Harold grunted as he said, “Of course, it has nothing to do with me, but you were the one who stole my task before this. Did you forget what I said before?”

Jackie could not imagine what was going through Harold’s mind to accuse him of stealing Harold’s task. The way he managed to twist reality like that rendered Jackie speechless.

It was as if he was a bandit, and Harold was the victim. Even Rudy could not help but frown as he looked at Harold speechlessly.

The way Harold spoke made him seem like he was on the righteous side. It was as if Jackie had wronged him, which led him to retaliate. Jackie had wanted to control himself and not cause a scene, but after hearing that, he could no longer hold back. They let out a laugh, but the laugh was incredibly cold.

“You claim that I stole your task? Are you not ashamed of yourself? Everyone clearly saw in the task hall that I had claimed the task before you suddenly appeared and asked me to cancel it.

“After that, you wanted me to give the task to you. You’re the one who’s acting so

unreasonable, so why are you saying I stole what was yours? Is something wrong with your brain? You’re so petty and shameless!”

Jackie had never expected that he would be able to throw such harsh insults before. He had never regarded Harold as great anyway. Harold was so angry his fists shook.

The anger he had put aside the day before boiled again. He clenched his teeth as he looked at Jackie, “You dare…”

Those words seemed to come out from the gaps in Harold’s teeth. At that moment, Harold was already at the limits of his anger. He had never felt so humiliated ever since he entered Phoenix Valley.

Everything Jackie said seemed like a slap on his face. Harold felt like he had been greatly insulted. Even Johnson was furious.

“Jackie! Do you know what you’re doing now? I know you have no filter but just think about what the consequences of your words will be!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow and said, “Consequences? Why would I need to care? Can the two of you stop annoying me? I really don’t want to waste any more time with you.

“Didn’t you understand what I said earlier? Me participating in the test has nothing to do with either of you. The two of you were the ones who came over and a fight!”

The two parties were already at the peak of anger. If they continued talking, they might actually start fighting. Everyone had already turned to look at Jackie and Harold.

Everyone knew of Harold, but Jackie was a fresh face. Jackie had the look of a naive lamb who was not afraid of any tigers. It caused a lot of discussions.

“Harold is really banging his head into the wall this time. It’s the first time anyone has dared to speak like that to him.”


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