No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2541

Jackie preferred more secluded areas where he would not be disturbed. He would also be able to see what everyone else was doing.

He had thought that nothing would happen since he found such a secluded area, but he never expected to be called out just a moment after sitting down.

Johnson angrily shouted from the front, “You’re here as well? How brave of you!

“You’ve never even attended a single one of Elder Eliot’s classes, and you dare to attend his test? Who gave you all that courage?”

Jackie looked up and saw Johnson. At that moment, he felt incredibly exasperated. Jackie no longer knew what to say. He had picked such a secluded place because he did not want any conflicts. Those annoying flies seemed to be able to smell fruits or vegetables on him. They insisted on causing him trouble.

Jackie let out a cold laugh, “Why do you care if I’m taking the test? Just pay attention to yourself!”

Jackie’s tone had been incredibly cold. It was frosty to the limits. Their conversation had successfully attracted the attention of most.

Quite a few of them recognized Jackie as the one who had a fight with Johnson and Harold in the task hall. The quiet atmosphere had suddenly been shattered.

Everyone looked on amusedly. It caused Jackie to be rendered speechless. He really wanted to ask Johnson to shut his mouth and use his skills to do talking.

However, Jackie knew that Johnson would not shut his annoying mouth even if he said that. Johnson would insist on using words

to prove himself. He would insist on having everyone else insult Jackie.

Behind Johnson was Harold. Harold had seen Jackie as well, and his eyes were full of rage.

Jackie’s words had been so incredibly hard to hear. When he went back, he was even laughed at. The fire in his heart had burned for a long time, causing Jackie to be on Harold’s must kill list.

At that moment, he saw Jackie in front of him again. Harold wanted nothing more than to slice Jackie in half. He had been sitting at the frontmost mat, but he stood up and walked toward Jackie.

Jackie frowned as he looked at Harold without saying anything. Harold should have already known that he would not be able to beat Jackie in a war of words after the conflict from the day before, but he still walked over.

Harold let out a cold laugh as he looked

down at Jackie, “I thought you were ignorant yesterday, but I guess I was wrong. You’re just a complete idiot. Did your runner not tell you how strict Elder Eliot is?

“He expects a lot. No one knows what Elder Eliot will be testing us on at all. Are you trying to prove how dumb you are by coming here?”

Jackie could not help but rolled his eyes. He averted his gaze, not wanting to look at Harold. However, he knew that Harold would only cause him more trouble if he did not react to the insults.

Jackie smiled as he said, “Everyone here knows how strict Elder Eliot’s tests are. I didn’t need you to tell me. How would you know what my results will be?”

When Harold heard Jackie’s words, he suddenly let out a laugh. His laugh got louder and louder until he could barely stand up. Even though his laugh was very exaggerated, no one dared to mock him.

Harold took a deep breath and replied, “If you get good results in the test, I’ll write my name backward!”


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