No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2540

“The top fifty… If it were me, I wouldn’t even dare to think about it. You actually have that kind of courage… The ones who are able to get into the top fifty might not be the most skilled, but are probably the most talented!”

Jackie nodded, not saying anything as usual. When Rudy looked at Jackie, he did not know what else to say.

Strength and talent can sometimes be tied together, and sometimes they must be separated. For example, in this assessment, the two should be separated.

Someone who had already learned the Way of the Pill for a long time would naturally be more skilled, and be able to condense even more pill runes. Those who were talented might be unable to condense as many pill runes due to their lack of experience.

However, since they were talented, the pill

runes they condensed were better in quality. That was the difference between skill and talent.

Elder Eliot’s test was not a test to see how skilled a person was. It was not to see how many pill runes one could condense. Instead, it was a test to measure the talent of that person.

What was the quality of the pill runes a person could condense? Would they manage to achieve fifty percent refinement?

“You really are confident…” Rudy could not help but lament.

Jackie frowned. That brat had been trying to say that Jackie did not have that much talent, but was going to try anyway. From the start, Jackie had not been bothered by Rudy, but he could no longer stand it.

Rudy had been mocking him from the start. He turned to look at Rudy and said, “Why don’t you participate in this test with me. Then you’ll know whether or not I’m confident.”

When Rudy heard that, his expression changed. Jackie had that courage, but he did not. He had heard about what kind of temper certain elders had before.

Lou had earnestly answered the question. Elder Eliot is the elder who has the worst temper. When he saw any disciples with lackluster talents, he would berate them on the spot.

If he decided to participate in Elder Eliot’s test before even attending a single class, Elder Eliot would definitely berate him viciously if he failed.

Then, he would just be humiliated in front of everyone. Yet, if he did not follow Jackie in, Rudy would feel a little unhappy.

He knew that he was no match for Jackie and that Jackie was more talented, but he was not willing to admit to that fact.

Jackie saw that brat’s hesitant look and decided against saying anything more. He merely raised an eyebrow at Rudy before turning around and heading into the Elder Hall.

Rudy was incredibly conflicted. After a long time, he finally stomped his feet and followed Jackie into the Elder Hall.

The Elder Hall was already full of people. After scanning the surroundings, Rudy was sure that there were at least a hundred and fifty people present. That meant that there were at least that many participants in the test.

Only the top fifty had the right to earn the materials.

After seeing so many people, Rudy felt himself going a little numb. He looked up at Jackie in front of him, but Jackie merely continued moving forward until he found a clean mat.

Other than the large stone pillars in the

hall, the hall was also filled with old mats everywhere. Most of the mats had people sitting on them. Only in the outer rims were there empty spots.

The mat Jackie sat on was at the edge. There was still an empty mat beside him. Rudy thought about it for a moment before sitting on it as well.

He did not know what was wrong with him. He kept insisting on following Jackie to see how strong Jackie was. Even though he might be humiliated in front of everyone, he felt like it was no longer a problem.


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