No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2539

Jackie nodded. He naturally knew that. It was because he knew that he came on the second day.

He turned to look at Rudy as he said calmly, “Didn’t Lou mention it yesterday? There are no classes today.”

Rudy was even more confused when he heard that. He could not help but raise his head and look at Jackie earnestly, “You’re not here to attend any classes? Then what are you here for? Did Lou really say that? How did I forget it?”

Jackie was speechless as his lips twitched. That guy was not only brainless, but he was also forgetful too. If it had been before, Jackie would not have even been bothered to explain. However, he felt like Rudy was too dumb, so he did not want to be too petty.

He then patiently explained, “Today is test

day. The main proctor today is Elder

Rudy’s eyes widened, feeling like he could not understand what Jackie was planning on doing. Ever since entering Phoenix Valley, he noticed that Jackie seemed to be in a hurry to rush everything. It felt like Jackie was all over the place as well, he was clueless about what Jackie was planning on doing.

He said doubtfully, “You came here to take the test? Did you come to be tested? Why are you planning on joining the test? You’ve never even taken part in any of Elder Eliot’s classes before, and you dare to take part in his test?

“It’s not like Lou has never mentioned it before. Elder Eliot is famous for being strict. If you take part in his test and your results aren’t good, you’ll be pulled out individually to be berated. Aren’t you afraid of embarrassing yourself?”

Jackie glanced at Rudy and replied, “Since I’ve dared to come and take the test, how could I be afraid of not doing well. Could you just think with your head? You are fixated on the consequences of me not doing well, but why don’t you think about the rewards I would get if I did do well?”

Rudy furrowed his eyebrows, thinking for a moment before he answered, “I remember now. Lou mentioned it yesterday. If you pass the test, the first fifty places will be able to get two batches of materials for any sixth-grade pill! The first thirty will get an additional batch!”

After Rudy said that, he suddenly realized why Jackie wanted to participate in the test. He widened his eyes as he looked at Jackie in disbelief, not able to say anything for a while.

He noticed that he did not understand Jackie even more. “How could you be so bold?! Do you think you’ll definitely be in the top fifty?

“You want to take part in the test so you can get the materials needed to refine the Green Sun Pill for free?”

Jackie nodded, looking at Rudy with praise. That had indeed been his plan. After Lou told him about it the day before, he had already planned on taking the test.

If he bought it himself, he would need quite a few spirit crystals to buy the materials. Since there was a chance to get it for free, he would naturally take part in the test.

When Jackie admitted it, Rudy widened his eyes in surprise and said, “I really don’t know what to say! Are you really that capable or are you just that brave?

“You don’t even know what kind of questions Elder Eliot will ask. Are you so sure you’ll be able to place in the top fifty? There are at least a hundred participants in this test. It’s even possible everyone will be a part of it. To be in the top fifty out of two hundred…”

Jackie was not surprised at how shocked Rudy was. He merely nodded and did not say anything else. Rudy took a deep breath as he gave Jackie a thumbs up.


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