No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2538

The moment he reached the sect, he was called by Rudy. That guy seemed to be hiding while waiting for him. “Jackie, where are you going?”

Jackie turned around with annoyance and replied, “Do you have nothing better to do? Why did you come out the moment I did?”

Rudy pursed his lips awkwardly. He was not familiar with the place and was afraid of getting himself into trouble. Rudy was already beginning to admire Jackie, so whatever Jackie did, he would always follow behind.

When Jackie saw that he was not saying anything, Jackie said in exasperation, “I fought with Harold yesterday, you should be avoiding me to avoid any trouble. If he decides to target you after failing to get me, you’ll be in trouble.”

Rudy’s slightly awkward smile froze on his face at Jackie’s words. Jackie was right. If Harold did not want to or could not get to Jackie, then would he not end up being the whipping boy?

Thinking about that, Rudy was suddenly hesitant. He did not want to end up in that position. If that happened and Jackie decided not to save him, then he was dead.

He did not have Jackie’s skills or courage. The thought of retreating away started to take root in Rudy’s heart. Jackie immediately knew what was on Rudy’s mind when he saw Rudy’s expression.

He let out a cold smile.

That had been the result he wanted.

He did not want a dog constantly following him around.

He averted his gaze and headed out. However, he had just taken two steps when Rudy started following him again.

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows, as he turned around in annoyance, “Do you really want


Jackie no longer knew what to say. Rudy was an idiot. If Jackie really wanted to target Rudy, Rudy would not survive for more than a few days.

Rudy should have buried those thoughts in his own head, but he actually said it to Jackie. That was not something any regular idiot would do. It was something only someone incredibly idiotic would do.

Jackie spat out, “Can you please shut up?”

Hearing the impatience in Jackie’s tone, Rudy was forced to shut his mouth. When the two of them arrived at the Elder Hall, Rudy could not help but say, “Are you planning on going to the class in the Elder Hall? Which Elder is giving a lecture today? You’re really taking on too much. I thought that you would definitely try to complete your task after claiming it.

“After all, there’s a time limit to completing

tasks. If you can’t complete it in a week,

you’ll be fined.”


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