No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2537

“He’ll absolutely be targeted! Once Harold realizes his true potential, it would be easy to deal with him!”

“Can’t he tell that none of us want to provoke Harold? Does he think that he can really stand up against Harold till the end?”

“Doesn’t he know how powerful someone as talented as Harold will be when he achieves his potential? Back then, there were plenty of idiots who offended talented alchemists…

“After that, the alchemists would all torture and take revenge on all those who had offended them before. The future is plain for all to see.”

“Just you wait. In just a few years, this kid will probably regret what he did!”

No one bothered to hide their discussions

from Jackie. He had heard everything that was said but did not have too much of a reaction. Meanwhile, Rudy was pale with fear.

Normally, anyone would be more apprehensive when they were in an unknown environment, not wanting to provoke anyone.

However, none of that seemed to matter when it came to Jackie.

Rudy was thoroughly convinced by Jackie at that point.

He took a deep breath as he pulled at Jackie, “Jackie, what do you plan on doing after this? He’ll definitely target you in the future! You might not be able to take it when that happens.”

Jackie had a nonchalant look on his face, “By the time he can do anything, many years would have passed. Who cares about that right now?”

After saying that, Jackie headed out. Rudy frowned, not knowing what to say about

Jackie’s reaction. He admired Jackie’s courage but was speechless at his idiocy.

After the two of them headed back to the courtyard, Jackie entered his room toward the west. After closing the door, Jackie had Nash come out of Mustard Seed.

After Nash was out, he could not help but lament how odd the world was. Jackie had been doing well in West Cersei State when he was suddenly flung to Middle Province. Nash had thought that Jackie would be at Heavenly Pills for a while, but Jackie ended up in Phoenix Valley in just a few days.

They did not know how long they would be in Phoenix Valley either. Nash sighed, “I know you usually have a plan, but I have to ask you this. What do you plan on doing next? How long are you planning on being in Phoenix Valley?”

Jackie poured Nash a cup of tea before he said earnestly, “No matter what, I have to become a seventh-grade alchemist before I

make my next plans. This place might be complicated, but as long as I am talented. enough, there shouldn’t be any great dangers.”

“That Harold guy will definitely cause you trouble,” Nash said with some concern.

Jackie let out an uncaring laugh, “Was I supposed to just hand over the task that I had claimed?”

Nash frowned somewhat helplessly. After thinking about Jackie’s personality, he shook his head decisively. Jackie was not someone who would do that. The two of them would definitely have some conflicts.

However, Jackie was never afraid of that. As long as Harold dared to cause trouble, Jackie would teach him a lesson.

Jackie pulled out a chair and sat down, “Don’t worry, I’ll deal with this.”

Nash could only nod. He was of no help with this matter anyway. Early the next day,

Jackie pushed open the door and walked out

with a cheerful look on his face.


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