No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2536

Johnson widened his eyes and said, “Do you know who Harold is?!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow and replied, “Who cares about who Harold is?”

Johnson said, “Harold is someone who’s training in the Way of the Phoenix Pill! Surely you know of that! In the whole outer valley, only ten alchemists have managed to learn it! Harold is one of them!”

Johnson could not help but straighten his back when he said that. He looked like he was incredibly proud. Jackie had naturally heard of the Way of the Phoenix Pill before. In the courtyard, Lou had told them about it.

The Way of the Phoenix Pill was the most valuable thing in Phoenix Valley. It was the hardest and most valuable of any Ways of the Pill.

Anyone who was able to successfully learn it would have unlimited potential. They would definitely be accomplished in the field of alchemy. That was because the Way of the Phoenix Pill was way too tough.

The runes condensed by the Way of the Phoenix Pill were much better and more stable than others.

After hearing Johnson’s words, Jackie understood why that guy was so arrogant. Turns out that he had learned the Way of the Phoenix Pill.

It seemed like that guy was somewhat talented. However, that talent meant absolutely nothing to Jackie. Jackie remained calm, not reacting to those words at all.

He nodded before he said, “What does being able to learn the Way of the Phoenix Pill have anything to do with me? What does it have to do with snatching the tasks of others?”

That question stumped Johnson. It did not seem that related at all. However, it was actually related. Harold was talented, so Harold would be accomplished in the future.

No one wanted to offend someone who would definitely be successful in the future. Harold used that point to steal the tasks of others. Everyone else was forced to swallow their words and obediently hand over the tasks.

That was why all the good tasks were taken away by people like Harold. Everyone else was not willing to concede but had to when taking his future into account.

Harold’s face was incredibly dark at that moment. He looked at Jackie with an expression that got fiercer and fiercer. He wanted nothing more than to just kill Jackie on the spot. “So you’re really insisting on looking for trouble! Just you wait!”

Jackie looked right at him and replied, “Sure, I’ll wait for you. Are you planning to fight

me? If you are, I’m willing to at any time!”

In terms of alchemy, Harold was definitely talented. However, Harold was not that talented when it came to martial arts. Harold had only just broken through to the middle stage of the innate level. In Jackie’s eyes, he was an ant that could be killed at any time.

Jackie had already broken through to the spring solidifying realm, and he was no ordinary one either. Harold was so angry that his whole body shuddered, but he could not make a move there.

Threats or aggressive words were useless against Jackie. Instead, he had ended up being infuriated by Jackie.

Veins started to pop out in Harold’s eyes as he said, “Just you wait! You’ll pay for what you said!”

After that, he pulled Johnson away and left in a huff. Looking at Harold’s retreating back, Jackie still did not have much of an expression.

However, the discussions around them got louder and louder. “This guy really isn’t afraid of anything. Harold is favored by elders thanks to his talent.”


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