No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2535

The atmosphere felt like it became more stifling after Jackie made his remark…and everyone else did not expect the newcomer to be so stubborn.

Harold had been stunned by Jackie’s words as well. After all, he never expected someone to butt heads with him so straightforwardly.

Harold started to laugh angrily. His laughter got louder and louder, but everyone knew that his smile never reached his eyes. It was obvious that he was furious. “You truly are ignorant. Newcomers like you always insist on looking for trouble!”

Jackie could not help but roll his eyes. At that moment, he no longer wanted to waste his time on Harold. He could tell that no one dared to offend Harold, which meant that it was not the first time he had ever done so.

After someone else got a task, he would force that person to head to the steward to cancel the task, and he would claim the task for himself.

Jackie shifted his gaze toward the whiterobed man, and he recalled hearing the white-robed man’s discussion with the green-robed man earlier.

They had said that someone would take away all the good tasks, and the white-robed man even warned the green-robed man against speaking too loudly in case they were overheard.

It seemed like Harold was among those the white-robed man was talking about.

If anyone else was in his position at that moment, they might not have dared fight back that much and listened to Harold, handing the task over.

However, Jackie was the one facing Harold at that moment. Jackie had never given in to anything like that before, no matter who came before him.

Rudy anxiously grabbed Jackie’s collar as he whispered, “Jackie, you just got here. It’s better to not cause any trouble. There are plenty of tasks here, so let’s look for something else.”

Even though Rudy was confident in himself, he knew that there were some things that he could not be stubborn about. Offending someone with strong-enough inside help would constantly invite trouble.

Jackie nodded slightly but still did not move. In truth, after some thought, Jackie understood that nothing could be done to him if he did that.

If Harold truly was that capable, then he should have had special rights to pick his tasks first instead of fighting over tasks with everyone here.

Even if Harold had a backer, it should not be someone with that special of an identity. Since it was no one special, he would not be targeted too obviously.

Harold could not hold back his anger anymore when he saw how Jackie still kept his cool. “It looks like you’re insisting on looking for trouble. Just you wait!”

Jackie let out a light laugh. “What can you do to me? You’re publicly disobeying the rules, so why should I listen to you?

“I’ll say it again: If you’re that capable, you would’ve taken the task away beforehand, and we won’t even have had the chance to take it from you. You don’t have the skills or the background, but you’re still trying to do something so shameless!”

The moment he said that, everyone inhaled sharply. Jackie’s words were hard to listen to. It was basically berating Harold, and it effectively stunned Harold for a good few seconds.

Johnson Jones, standing behind Harold,

was a loyal follower of Harold. After listening to Jackie’s words, he could no longer hold back and rushed forward. “How dare you insult Harold like that!”

Jackie let out a cold laugh. “I’m not trying to insult anyone. Harold was the one insisting on sticking to my face, looking to be humiliated!”

Rudy was scared stiff. He knew how Jackie was. If he wanted to fight back, he would kill the other guy. Rudy just never expected that Jackie would not care who was on the other end.

As long as anyone offended Jackie, Jackie would be ruthless.


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