No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2534

Rudy knew why Jackie was looking at him. He had been so ridiculed that he helped Jackie divert everyone’s attention and allowed Jackie to benefit from it. Just thinking about it made him feel sad.

However, he could not say anything at that moment nor did he dare speak up like he did before. After all, he knew of Jackie’s skills. No matter if it was martial arts or alchemy, Jackie was far better than him.

The green-robed man’s lips twitched as he glared at Jackie, but in the end, none of the others said anything about it. After all, having the eyes to quickly claim the task was a skill as well, and it was his fault for focusing too much on that clown.

The green-robed man felt worse thinking about it, and he started to look at Rudy with an even harsher expression.

“Continue walking. There’s a back door at

the corner. After you push open the door, you’ll enter a side hall. There’s a steward there. Come with me,” a cold voice was suddenly heard next to Jackie’s ear.

Jackie frowned as he turned around in confusion before he was met with a man in scarlet red robes looking at him with a calm expression.

Jackie’s frown deepened. Was that man talking to him?

When the scarlet-robed man noticed that Jackie was not saying anything, he gave Jackie a once-over before a cold smile made its way to his face.

“You must be new. It’s reasonable for you to not know who I am.”

After those words, Jackie was finally sure that the man was talking to him, but what did he mean by his previous words? He wanted him to go through the back door to look for a steward? Why did he need to do that?

Various questions popped up in his head, and in the end, Jackie turned to fully face the man.

“Remember my name: I am Harold Mann!” Harold looked down at Jackie arrogantly, looking like he was trying to suppress Jackie.

Jackie’s eyebrows furrowed, able to tell that the person was looking to cause Jackie trouble.

He let out a slight cough before he coldly answered, “Why do I need to look for the steward?”

Everyone started to whisper among themselves again. They fixed their gazes on Jackie and Harold, looking back and forth a few times. Jackie could clearly feel a sense of anger, fear, and helplessness when everyone looked at Jackie.

When they looked at him, all he could feel was pity and sympathy,

Harold raised his chin. “Hand over this task. This task is mine!”

The moment those words were said, Jackie felt momentarily speechless.

This man was a tad bit too pushy. It was not like he had never met anyone who insisted on pulling off some petty tricks to make sure they got what they wanted. Still, it was the first time he had seen someone doing it as brazenly as Harold.

Jackie’s lips twitched as he was rendered speechless. He felt like it was just his luck that he kept meeting strange people like him.

He turned to look at Harold. “Is there a problem with your eyes? Can’t you tell I’ve already claimed this task? Why do I have to hand this task over to you?

“Do you have some special permission here that lets you say whatever you want? If you do, why don’t you just go to the back door and just claim all the good tasks beforehand! “


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